What Lube to Use with Urethral Sounds?

what lube to use for urethral sounds

Surgilube Lubricating Jelly

Urethral sounding is incredibly satisfying but it also brings certain risks. This is why it is so important to take all precautions to minimize issues. There are many things that can go wrong during urethral sounding, from hurting yourself to causing urinary tract infections. Luckily, a good lube can help you prevent or even eliminate those issues. What lube to use for urethral sounds?

Different Lubricants

There are many different lubricants you can use for sexual activities. Water-based, silicone, oil-based, lube with flavors, lube that lasts super-long and anything in between. There are hundreds of different products you can try. Some are there to provide a super-comfortable and smooth experience. Others are made to taste and smell nice. Some lubricants are formulated to last for long periods of time while others have special ingredients that will numb the area to prevent discomfort.

Indeed, there are many fancy lube options you can use for various sexual activities. The key is to choose the right lube for the each sexual activity. For example, lube with strawberry flavor will go great for oral sex but can cause harm for vaginal intercourse (because of sweeteners). Numbing lube does wonders for anal sex but it might not be good for masturbation, and so on.

When it comes to urethral stimulation, you need to choose a lubricant that will make this activity as safe and as enjoyable as possible. What lube to use for urethral sounds? The lubricant you choose needs to be safe for urethral play; this is by far the most important requirement. It means that it should not increase the risk of infections and other problems. In fact, a good lube for urethral play is the one that minimizes the risks associate with urethral stimulation while making the experience as pleasurable as possible.

What Lube to Use for Urethral Sounds: The Verdict

What lube to use for urethral sounds? There are many different products you can choose, but it is important that your lubricant is safe for urethral use. In other words, it has to be sterile and it has to last relatively long. All of the other features are less important but these are the ones you need to seek for your urethral play lube.

Out all of the features, sterility is by far the most important requirement. Your lube for urethral play has to be sterile. There is no exception here. You must absolutely make sure that you are using only sterile lubricants for any form of urethral stimulation that you wish to have.

Remember, lube that is not sterile is a recipe for trouble when it comes to urethral sounding. It may be good for some other types of sexual activities, but not thing. A lube that is not sterile can easily transfer the bacteria deep into your urethra and quickly cause UTI and other problems. To avoid infections and other issues make sure to only use sterile lube for all your urethral activities.

Another requirement – to be long lasting – is a bit less crucial but still important. Since urethral play can last for long, and since it is not easy to re-apply lube once your urethral sound is inside of the penis, make sure to use only lube that can last for a long time. Such a lube will provide a lot of pleasure for all your urethral play.

Also, remember to always apply lube on both the toy and the penis (preferably, squeeze it down the pee hole). This will ensure smooth and safe urethral play experience.

SurgiLube – A Great Lube

Is there a specific product to recommend? There are many different lubricant options that are safe for urethral play but we like to go with the doctor’s orders. Certain lubricants are used by doctors during the examinations so these lubricants are specially formulated to be safe for urethral insertion.

While many doctors do not approve of the urethral play, they do know how to keep your urethra safe during urethral insertion. After all, it is their job to keep you safe and healthy. This is why a lubricant that doctors use for urethral insertions may be your best choice.

There are several types and brands of such lubricants but we like to go with SurgiLube. It is powerful, reliable and safe for urethral play. This is a sterile lubricant that doctors use for examinations. It can also last long enough for your urethral play. Just apply it generously on both the sound and into your pee hole and let the fun begin.

Happy sounding!

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