What Is the Smallest Penis Plug You Can Get?

smallest penis plug

Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug

If you like urethral toys, you probably know that they come in many different sizes. Penis plugs are among the smallest urethral toys you can use so they are ideal for beginners who wish to try urethral stimulation for the first time. However, keep in mind that penis plugs come in many different sizes so there are also some that are long and thick. If you are a beginner, it is important to know what is the smallest penis plug you can use.

How Big Is the Smallest Penis Plug?

If you want a tiny urethral toy to start experimenting with urethral play, it is important to know how small those toys really are. How big is the smallest penis plug you can use?

It is important to know that even among the small urethral toys, there are different sizes and designs. There are many penis plugs that are tiny and only a few inches in length. These are ideal for beginners who are starting to experiment with urethral play.

On the other hand, keep in mind that length isn’t everything. When choosing a urethral toy, its diameter is often what matters the most. Beginner users need thinner toys because their urethra is not stretched. On the other hand, keep in mind that some extra-thin toys, such as thin urethral sounds, can actually be dangerous for beginners. These toys can be sharp and can slip easily into the urethra. They are difficult to control and they can make a lot of problems once they are inside.

This is why it is important to seek thin toys that are ok for beginners. The smallest penis plug designs typically have a slightly tapered tip that is not too sharp. These toys are specially made to be comfortable even for beginners. Furthermore, these small urethral toys do not have sharp tips so there is less danger of hurting yourself during urethral play.

These small penis plugs often include a glans ring or another mechanism for preventing the toy from getting too deep into the urethra. It means that they will provide just the kind of sensation and stimulation a beginner user needs. A smallest penis plug you can find will not hurt you. This is important while you are still developing your urethral play skills.

The Smallest Penis Plug You Can Get

Now that you know what a smallest penis plug is, it is important to remember that there is no one model that fits this description. Some tiny penis plugs are very short. Others are very thin. All in all, there are several tiny urethral toys that can be voted the smallest penis plug you can get.

Keep in mind that most penis plug models come in numerous sizes when it comes to diameter. Some are also available in different lengths. If you want to use the smallest penis plug you can get, make sure to always order the shortest and thinnest variant of a penis plug.

Here are the most popular tiny penis plugs that we offer:

Standard Penis Plug. This is an elegant and comfortable urethral toy. Its small, smooth design is ideal for beginners. This penis plug offers less than two inches of insertable length and the smallest thickness available is 7mm.

Torpedo Penis Plug and Glans Ring. This one has gentle ridges on the shaft for a more intense experience during use. It also includes a glans ring for additional stimulation and for keeping the ring inside. This tiny penis plug is about two inches in length and the smallest thickness available is 6mm.

Sleek & Hollow Penis Plug. Another variant of the popular “classic” design. This one is hollow so it allows all the fluids to pass freely. Ideal for those who wish to wear their penis plug for longer periods of time. This penis plug is two inches long and the smallest thickness is 7mm.

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