What is the Size of Nipple Rings?

Nipple RingsNipple piercings are extremely popular among both men and women. It is therefore not surprising that you can find many different nipple rings and nipple jewelry designs. Nipple jewelry pieces are varied and can be gorgeous, so you don’t have to go with a plain nipple ring if this is not what you want. When deciding to choose nipple jewelry for yourself, you need to take size into account. This is the only way to get a perfect fit. What is the size of nipple rings you should order? Are there some standard sizes? It is important to understand how nipple gauges operate in order to know what kind of jewelry to order.

Nipple Gauges

A gauge is the size of your piecing hole, piercing needles and your jewelry. “Size” here means thickness and diameter. The diameter of the hole is the same as the thickness of the piercing needle. They are of the same gauge. It is very important to know your gauge before you order your jewelry. Remember, the jewelry you wear in your nipple piercing should be of the same gauge as your piercing hole.

Is there a standard gauge for nipple piercings? While every piercer has a right to decide what to use, there is a standard gauge for typical nipple piercings. Nipple piercings are usually performed at 14 gauge. It means that most people have 14 gauge as heir nipple piercing and should use 14 gauge nipple rings.

However, keep in mind that this is no guarantee. Some people have 12 gauge nipple piercings or even bigger. It is not uncommon to end up with a different size of the piercing than 14 gauge. Also, some people choose to stretch their nipple piercings so they have much bigger piercing holes (10 gauge, 8 gauge or even larger).

The point is that you should never assume that you have a certain gauge piercing unless you are sure. When in doubt, don’t forget to consult your piercer. They can tell you without a doubt so you will not need to worry about getting a wrong size of the jewelry.

What is the Size of Nipple Rings to Order?

You should always order nipple rings (and other body jewelry) exactly in the same gauge as your piercing. Since most nipple piercings are done at 14 gauge, most people will need 14 gauge nipple rings. However, make sure you do indeed have a 14 gauge piercing before you order your jewelry. It is absolutely crucial to always wear only jewelry that is of the same size as your piercing.

There are many different nipple jewelry styles to choose from. You don’t have to go with nipple rings, though this is a popular option. Perhaps the most popular choice for nipple jewelry are straight barbells.

Both rings and straight barbells can go in many different piercings and not just nipple piercing. This is important to remember because you can find barbells and rings of many different sizes. This is where knowing your gauge becomes essential: with so many sizes to choose from, you need to know the right one to order. Again, most people will need 14 gauge nipple jewelry but this is not the absolute rule.

Also, when considering nipple jewelry for yourself, think about the length. Many barbells and other jewelry pieces come in different lengths. Generally speaking, barbells that are good for nipple jewelry are ½ inches long. Most people should not order barbells that are much longer than that.

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