What is the big deal??

What is the big deal about getting your nose pierced. Many jobs discriminate this piercing so much just because it is visible. But it is so mainstream now it is about the same as an ear piercingThe most recent one that I can think of is Scarlett Johansson is wanted her nose pierced to show off her creative side, who is currently employed by Loreal. Some of her fans are quite shocked with her decision to get this done.
Maybe this will be a great break through for the many people who struggle from day to day to keep there nose pierced. Also you don’t need to be pierced with a ring there are a lot of classy Nostril Screws and Nosebones out there for you to choose from. Some that are really dainty and sexy.

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One thought on “What is the big deal??

  1. I am a senior citizen; my Granddaughter and I had our noses pierced at the same time several years ago. After three infections due to me being unable to master the nose screw, the Chain Gang introduced me to a “nose bone”, which I had a total misconception of. I wouldn’t go back to a nose screw now if someone paid me. The nose bone is a straight piece with a stone (or whatever) that shows on the nose, the straight piece polks through the nose hole and has a little ball on the end of it to keep it from falling out. Great comfort, no more infections…though I never try to take it out because I like it so much! The tiny diamond sparkles and I’ve never had anyone say anything derrogatory about it. And if they ever did, I’d just think they were jealous.

    CG, a Great-Grandma

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