What Is the Best Lip Ring You Can Get?

I like what you said about ear cartilage being ideal for multiple piercings due to its soft nature. Body piercings offer people a unique way to express themselves. My friend is thinking about getting a lip ring, so I’ll help her find the best place to get it done in our town.

~ Sam Li

Lip piercings are very popular, so it means that there are many piercers who know how to do it properly. However, it is still important to find a piercer with plenty of experience! If you know a good place in your town or a great piercer in general, great! It is very nice of you to help your friend: as you probably know, a proper piercing procedure and a knowledgeable piercer are the most important aspects to make a piercing safe and secure. If there is no decent local shop, it is useful to go to another town to get your piercing. Again, lip piercings are not as complex nor as rare as some other piercings, but they still require a knowledgeable piercer. It is not possible to get a lip ring just anywhere.

Types of Lip Rings You Can Get

There are many different types of lip rings one can get for their piercing, but it is important to understand a difference between a lip ring (jewelry) and a lip piercing. Many people refer to piercing types through jewelry (for example: nipple ring or a navel ring) but strictly speaking, rings are just some of the jewelry types you can use. Most piercings can use several different jewelry styles. It means that you are not limited to rings alone!

This is particularly important to remember when it comes to lip piercings, because rings are not necessarily the most popular jewelry styles you can use for these piercings. In fact, a labret is probably the most common lip jewelry piece. This is a small stud with an ornament on one end. Labrets are typically straight and smooth, so they do not injure the inside of the mouth. This is very important, since lip piercings are both oral and facial piercings. In order to prevent injuries to your gums and teeth, it is crucial to use safe jewelry.

Labrets come in many different ornamentations, so they are far from plain. The top of a labret can be a smooth and elegant ball, or it may contain a colorful gem. Many labrets include elaborate ornamentations in a form of a special top and a gem inside of a luxurious setting. Many labrets are made of 14k gold, so they are very attractive.

You can use these labrets for many different lip piercings, from a labret piercing (on the middle of the lower lip), to Madonna, Monroe, Medusa or various types of the so-called “bites piercings”. This is a truly amazing jewelry piece that is ideal for lip piercings.

On the other hand, you can use rings for many of the lip piercings. Depending on the placement, a ring can sit nicely on the lip and create a very effective visual sight. There are many different types of rings to use, from common Captive Bead Rings to fixed rings and seamless and segment rings. Many of these rings come with ornamented beads that make a jewelry piece even more attractive.

The Best Lip Jewelry

Here are some great jewelry choices for lip piercings:


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