What is the Best Jewelry for the Vagina?

Jewelry for the VaginaThere are many powerful female genital piercings you can get. Of course, these piercings are not just about piercing holes in the skin: many of them can bring different erotic sensations. Also, female genital piercings are beautiful, particularly if you pair them with a nice jewelry piece. What is the best jewelry for the vagina and how to find it?

Jewelry for the Vagina

If you want to find jewelry for the vagina, you should look at the jewelry for female genital piercings. See, even though it is often called “jewelry for the vagina”, most piercings do not go through the vagina itself. On the contrary: there are only a few of them that actually do go through the vagina. This is the first thing to keep in mind.

Princess Albertina piercing, for example, is famous for its unusual placement. It goes through the urethra and it exits through the vaginal opening. This piercing is ideal for those who like a bit of urethral stimulation. The jewelry itself can bring numerous exciting sensations. Typically, women use smooth rings for their Princess Albertina piercings. As you can see, this vaginal jewelry is a simple yet effective ring.

Another piercing that goes through the vagina (at least in part) is Fourchette. This is a piercing on the perineum. Its edge goes through the edge of the vaginal tissue. Typical jewelry for a Fourchette piercing is a straight barbell. Again, a common jewelry piece that is very effective in this piercing. 

What is Typical Jewelry for Female Genital Piercings?

As you can see, jewelry for the vagina is typically not for the vagina. Only Princess Albertina, Fourchette and some piercings actually go through the vagina. Instead, when we talk about jewelry for the vagina, we mean on jewelry for female genital piercings.

Many of these piercings go around the clitoris. Vertical Clitoral Hood (VCH) and Horizontal Clitoral Hood (HCH) are among the most popular female genital piercings. They do not go through the clitoris itself but only through the hood, a thin flap of skin. As such, they are not particularly painful. These piercings also use common jewelry: straight barbells, rings and circular barbells.

Other popular female genital piercings, such as Triangle piercing and inner & outer labia piercings, also use basic jewelry pieces. Typical jewelry for these piercings are rings and circular barbells, although some of these can also use straight and curved barbells.

As you can see, female genital piercings do not really use jewelry specific to those piercings alone. Instead, the most popular body jewelry styles, such as barbells and rings, are typical jewelry for these piercings. It makes sense: female genital piercings are sensitive, and they require smooth and “basic” jewelry pieces to keep it safe. However, do not think that this jewelry has to be plain. While there are many elegant and smooth rings and barbells to use, it is also popular to use rings and barbells with gems. This is a great way to add a stylish touch to your genital piercing without sacrificing safety.

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