What is Penis Insert?

What is Penis Insert?

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Many people know of the term “penis insert” but are unsure what it means. What are penis inserts and how are they used? Are these special types of sex toys? There is some confusion over the terminology used, so it’s not surprising if certain things are unclear or misleading.

Generally speaking, the term “penis insert” refers to urethral toys, such as penis plugs, urethral sounds and other devices used for urethral stimulation. In addition to this, “penis insert” refers also to the activity itself, that is, inserting toys inside the penis.

Why Confusion?

The main reason there is some confusion over these terms is that urethral stimulation and other forms of lesser-known sexual activities are still relatively obscure among the general public. In other words, many people do not know about these activities and they are not part of the regular talk about sex, masturbation or pleasure.

However, this doesn’t mean that urethral stimulation and practice of inserting toys into urethra are very rare or uncommon activities. On the contrary: there are many people who enjoy these activities. These people find urethral stimulation very arousing and pleasurable. Indeed, inserting toys into urethra can be very satisfying and a completely new way to enjoy your body and share exciting moments with your partner. Urethral stimulation is a very sensual and intense experience, so it’s not surprising that there are so many people who enjoy it or are at least intrigued by it.

Many of these people are men, but it’s important to note that women, too, can and do enjoy urethral stimulation and urethral toys.

That being said, urethral stimulation is still a somewhat unknown type of sexual activity, so it’s not surprising that there is lack of awareness about it. Also, since this type of stimulation is not really known in public, there are many different terms people use to refer to this type of activity. Penis insert and penis insertion are among the most common terms. Another common term is “cock stuffing”, which refers to the activity itself. Some people use additional terms, such as sounding, penis stuffing, and more.

All of these terms refer to the same activity: urethral stimulation. This activity involves inserting toys into the urethra. Since many people who engage in this type of stimulation are owners of a penis, many terms used to describe the activity mention the penis (for example, “penis insert” or “cock stuffing”).

Do not be confused by these terms, though. They all refer to the same thing (more or less). To be informed and learn how to perform urethral stimulation safely, it is important to read a lot and practice. It is also advisable to consult a kink-friendly doctor who will help you stay safe during sounding and other activities involving urethral stimulation.

Quick Tips

  • The term “penis insert” may refer to the toys. If this is what you are after, check out penis plugs, urethral sounds, urethral stretchers and other types of urethral toys.
  • If you think of penis insert as an activity, it is important to learn as much as you can about urethral stimulation, how to insert toys carefully and how to stay safe during these activities. It is absolutely vital to know as much as you can about safety and how to perform urethral stimulation. This is the only way to enjoy this type of sexual stimulation without a problem or an injury.
  • Never insert random objects into your urethra! While some terms, such as “cock stuffing” sometimes refer to inserting any object into the urethra, you should always stick to toys designed for the purpose, such as penis plugs and urethral sounds. Never insert random objects and devices!
  • Patience is the key. You need to go slowly and gently. Chances are that you will need to train and stretch your urethra before you can insert bigger and more intense toys.
  • Be informed before you start! Read as much as you can about urethral stimulation and then practice carefully. Even better, let the more experienced partner do the insertion.
  • If you experience any pain, bleeding or another problem make sure to stop immediately and consult your doctor.
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