What is Penile Insertion?

Penis PlugsMany people wonder what a penile insertion is and what can do for you. In short, any penile insertion is considered a urethral toy and can be used for urethral stimulation, also known as urethral play or urethral sounding. If you want to use a penile insertion, however, it is important to stick to real toys made for the purpose of urethral stimulation. There are many risks associated with using random objects for urethral play so they should be avoided at all costs.

Penile Insertion: What to Use

If you wish to try urethral play and to get a penile insertion, it is crucial to know what to use as a toy and what to avoid. This is the number one rule when it comes to urethral stimulation: use only real toys made for the purpose! Keep in mind that this is a sexual activity that brings certain risks so it is vital to minimize these risks by doing everything you can to keep yourself safe. One of the main things about safe urethral play is to choose the right toys.

Here are some tips on what kind of penile insertion to use:

  • Real urethral toys. It is important to always use real toys for penile insertion. By “real urethral toys” we mean on sex toys specifically made for the purpose of urethral stimulation. These toys are designed for the purpose and they are made to be safe and to accommodate your body. Use penis plugs, urethral sounds and other special toys made for urethral stimulation if you wish to try penile insertion.
  • Well-crafted urethral toys. Another thing to keep in mind is that your chosen urethral toys have to be of good quality. Choose toys from reputable stores. These toys should be well-crafted and made of body-friendly materials. It is absolutely necessary to keep yourself safe during urethral play, and using high-quality urethral toys is one of the most important steps in ensuring your safety.
  • Urethral toys suitable for your experience level. If you are a beginner user, you need to use toys suitable for beginners. Only more experienced people with a stretched and trained urethra can take larger urethral toys. This is something to keep in mind in order to prevent injuries and other problems.
  • Urethral toys that are not too thin nor too thick. It is important to know that thick toys and huge toys are not suitable for beginners, but keep in mind that you should NOT use toys that are too thin. Thin toys are difficult to control and they can slip in easily, creating injuries, false passages and other problems. This is why these toys are not recommended to beginners.

Penile Insertion: What NOT to Use

Now that you know what kind of urethral toys to use, here are some penile insertions you should never try. Using these will endanger you and put you at a significant risk:

  • Random objects. Never, ever use a random household object as a penile insertion. Never try to insert anything inside your urethra unless it’s a toy specifically made for the purpose! This is very dangerous and can lead to numerous problems, from injuries and urinary tract infections to even more serious problems. Keep this in mind if you wish to try urethral play.
  • Toys not made for urethral play. Having any sex toy is not enough. You might know that random household objects are bad for you, but keep in mind that you should not use a sex toy unless it’s specifically made for urethral stimulation. Toys such as thin dildos and vibrators may seem ok but you should NOT use them unless they are specifically made for urethral play.
  • Unclean, dirty and non-sanitized toys. If you wish to try urethral stimulation, it is absolutely mandatory to use only clean and fully sanitized toys. Dirty toys, unclean toys and toys that have been used by another person before being properly sanitized are dangerous. You should avoid them at all costs. To protect yourself and your partners, make sure to properly clean and sanitize your urethral toys prior to every use. After use, remember to clean the toy and store it properly. This is the only way to prevent problems associated with dirty toys.
  • Toys not suitable for your experience level. Never use a urethral toys that is too big or too thin for you, or a toy that is just not made for your experience level. It is important to be properly stretched and trained if you wish to take larger toys. There are specialized stretching and training toys you should use if you wish to take bigger urethral toys. It is vital to always use an appropriate penile insertion toy in order to avoid injuries and other problems associated with urethral stimulation.
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