What is involved in a Lower Lip Piercing?

Have you ever thought about getting your lower lip pierced? Many people are getting this piercing done now. This is when you get the thin tissue right under your lip pierced.

This piercing is normally pierced in 14 Gauge and the length or diameter of the Jewelry is going to depend on the thickness of the tissue, and what type of jewelry you use. For instance, the Captive Bead Ring

will have to fit around you lip, however a Labret will just go through the piercing itself like a post. The Jewelry that you could use for this piercing is a Captive Bead Ring, a Labret, or a Circular Barbell. There is quite a selection to chose from for this piercing.

The healing time for the lower lip piercing can be 4-12 weeks and this will depend on your body, your care, the jewelry quality and the piercing. You must defiantly listen to the piercer because aftercare is very important in an oral piercing. But if you enjoy piercing or just this in particular body piercing then it is well worth the trouble to get the look you desire.

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