What is an Apadravya Used For?

What is an Apadravya Used ForApadravya is a very popular male genital piercing. In fact, it is among the most common penis piercings in the world. More extreme than a Prince Albert, Apadravya is still common enough to attract many men.

The vertical penis head piercing owes its popularity to the functionality. While it looks gorgeous, Apadravya is more than just the aesthetics. So, what is and Apadravya used for?

What is an Apadravya Used for: the Main Reasons People Get an Apadravya Piercing

There are many reasons why someone might want to have an Apadravya piercing. Just like with any other piercing or body modification, it is not easy to predict people’s motives. In many ways, piercings are about individuality and expressing one’s own spirit and aesthetics so it is difficult to pinpoint why, exactly, people choose certain piercings.

At the same time, any popular piercing type is popular for a reason. These reasons are varied but often fall into several common categories. In other words, while each person with an Apadravya piercing might have their own reasons for getting this specific piercing, there are some common uses of this piercing and common reasons to get it. This is also the answer to the question: “what is Apadravya used for?”

In short, there are 3 main reasons why someone might want to use an Apadravya piercing, and they can be broadly divided into two categories: aesthetics and functionality. Apadravya is a famous piercing for its functionality and ability to enhance sexual pleasure. For this reason, many people use Apadravya to improve sexual pleasure for themselves or their partner. When it comes to aesthetics, many people simply like Apadravya because it look good while others choose to have it as a personal statement.

Here are the most common uses of Apadravya piercing:

  1. Sexual Pleasure

By far the most common use of an Apadravya piercing is to improve sexual pleasure. In many ways, this penis piercing is highly erotic and arousing for both the wearer and his partners. Men with Apadravya piercing report enhanced sensitivity to the glans and the entire penis. Since Apadravya typically passes through the urethra it can really stimulate the penis from the inside, which many men find irresistible. While it might take a bit while to adjust to the new sensations and to learn how to pleasure yourself in a new way, it really pays off.

Apadravya is also great for your partners. Both male and female partners can experience heightened pleasure from an Apadravya piercing. It is exciting during vaginal and anal sex. Apadravya works particularly well for hitting a G-spot so this is why so many women love their partner’s Apadravya. It’s like having your personal G-spot vibrator.

2. Aesthetics

A great thing about Apadravya is that it not only enhances pleasure but also look so good. Apadravya is a very elegant piercing that can attract the attention to your penis in the best possible way. While Apadravya, as a genital piercing, is typically seen as extreme, it doesn’t look so. It is very elegant, stylish and almost discreet. It can attract a lot of attention and it looks very sexy without becoming “too much”. This is great news for those who appreciate the aesthetic side of piercings.

At the same time, Apadravya piercings are not too overwhelming. They use smooth, simple jewelry that doesn’t irritate your penis and doesn’t get in the way. This is why it’s so important to get only proper, well-designed body jewelry for your penis piercing. It is vital that your jewelry is smooth and safe so you can enjoy all the advantages without risking injuries and other problems.

3. Expressing Your Personality

Like other body piercings, Apadravya is good for expressing your personality. When asking what an Apadravya is used for, we should not forget that there are many people who like to make statements with their piercings. As a genital piercing, Apadravya is somewhat invisible but that just adds to the “mysterious” or “forbidden” aspects of it, which is appealing to some people.

If you are looking for a daring and bold piercing, Apadravya is a great choice. It can send a message about your individuality and willingness to make a step toward genital piercings, which is not something that all people can do. This is why Apadravya and other genital piercings can be good for expressing your individuality.

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