What is a Testicle Stretcher?

testicle stretcher

Oblong Locking Ball Stretcher

There are many people wonder about testicle stretchers and whether they are safe or not. Some people are also wondering about the differences between a standard ball stretcher and a testicle stretcher. Are those the same? What is the difference?

Differences between a Testicle Stretcher and a Ball Stretcher

What is a testicle stretcher and how does it differ from a ball stretcher? It is important to understand that both refer to the same type of a device. This is an adult toy that is designed to lower your scrotum sac and balls. There are many people who like the look of low-hanging testicles so they use these ball stretching devices to elongate their scrotum. With a long scrotum, you get low-hanging balls. The feeling of stretching and wearing ball weights also feels very pleasurable and erotic to many people. Finally, some users like ball stretching devices because they are great for BDSM play or even cock and ball torture (CBT). However, it is important to know that testicle stretchers are not torture devices per se: they are, in fact, very comfortable. Just make sure to use a proper testicle stretcher that is safe for the body.

It is crucial to understand that testicle stretching doesn’t really stretch testicles. Instead, these devices help to stretch the scrotum: the structures above the testicles and the skin itself is what stretches by wearing these devices. This is why the popular terms like “ball stretching” or “testicle stretching” are not really accurate. The testicles remain the same size and stretchers do not even touch the balls themselves. Still, it is usual to talk about a ball stretching weight or a testicle stretcher when you refer to these devices.

It is important not to be confused by these terms because they basically refer to the same type of devices. If you know about ball stretchers and ball weights, you are familiar with testicle stretchers.

Our Newest Testicle Stretcher

Oblong Locking Ball Stretcher is our newest testicle stretcher, specially designed for those who love the feeling of ball stretching but without too much weight. It is also a great device for couples who want to incorporate BDSM into their sexy times or those who are into male chastity play. A great thing about this stretcher is that it can accommodate many different people and many different preferences.

While many metal ball stretchers are heavy and carry a lot of weight, Oblong Locking Ball Stretcher is ideal for those who do not want that added weight. Instead, this testicle stretcher focuses on what matters most: good results and erotic sensations. This is a powerful yet fully comfortable 316L Surgical Steel device so it is safe for the body and it provides all those amazing feelings. These stretchers come in many different heights so you can choose the one that suits you best.

These testicular stretchers include a special hinge system with a locking pin. This makes these devices super secure so they will not move or open on their own. It is a great feature for those who wish to stretch their balls without adding way too much weight. The hinge design also allows you to stretch your testicles easily, without worrying about screws and other elements that some other ball stretchers have. These testicle stretchers are there to help you achieve those low hangers without discomfort and to experience new and sexy feelings.

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