What is a Proper Size for a PA Piercing?

In order to enjoy your PA (Prince Albert) piercing properly, it has to be of an appropriate size. Since a PA piercing is a penis piercing, it is clear how sensitive it can become. It is crucial to protect this sensitive area at all costs. Choosing bad jewelry, including jewelry that is of incorrect size, can hurt the penis and cause a lot of trouble. Not to mention that incorrect sizing can prevent the person and his sexual partners from enjoying his PA piercing properly. For all these reasons, it is important to get a proper size for a PA piercing.

A Proper Size for a PA Piercing

What is a proper size for a PA piercing? Just like with any other piercing, there are important recommendations in this regard. However, there are also some room for difference that accounts for anatomy. In other words, it is not possible to say in an article what your PA piercing size will be. On the other hand, there is definitely an appropriate PA piercing gauge and an inappropriate one.

A proper size for a PA piercing is the one that is safe and comfortable. In the case of penis piercings, it means that the gauge should never be too small. Small gauges (too thin needless) produce very small holes. Penis piercings tend to shrink quickly, so a hole that is too small will result in a piercing that is prone to close, migrate or reject. Another issue with small gauges is that a small piercing hole means thin jewelry. Such a jewelry can cause a dreaded “cheese cutter” effect, in which the jewelry cuts in the tissue of the penis. That is very painful and can cause numerous problems.

In order to avoid these issues, it is important to be pierced with a large enough gauge. Typical PA piercing gauges are 10 gauge and 12 gauge, with some men starting right at 8 gauge. These are the most common, and if you are looking for a proper size for a PA piercing, chances are that it will be that one.

The optimal Prince Albert piercing gauge for most men is 10 gauge. Smaller gauges than 12 gauge are not the best idea. Depending on the anatomy, 12 gauge might be acceptable, but only if your piercer decides that it’s safe. Of course, you need a reliable piercer with plenty of experience to decide that. Anything smaller than 12 gauge is never a good idea, so sizes such as 14 gauge or 16 gauge should not be used.

Larger gauges than 8 gauge are possible. They are typically a result of stretching one’s PA piercing. A Prince Albert piercing is easy to stretch, so there are many men with 2 gauge or even larger PA piercings.

What About PA Jewelry?

Needless to say, just like you have to have a proper size for a PA piercing, you also have to have a proper size for your Prince Albert jewelry. Just like with any other piercing, a proper size of jewelry should match the size of the piercing hole. That it, they have to be of the same gauge. If you haven’t stretched your PA piercing, this will be the gauge you were pierced with. For most people, it means either 10 gauge or 8 gauge jewelry. As explained above, it is not really safe to have a PA piercing that is smaller than that.

In case of stretched piercings, make sure to choose PA jewelry that is of your current gauge. Stretching your piercing with jewelry is not really the best way to go. You should always use appropriate tools, such as piercing tapers. Once you stretch to the next size, insert jewelry of the new size. Make sure to wait until your body fully recovers (which should take weeks) before you stretch your piercing again.

Always keep a track on your current PA piercing size. This is the only way to be able to choose PA jewelry of the right size. If you want to experiment with different effects for sex and masturbation, you can always choose jewelry with bigger or smaller beads. However, the body of the jewelry must match your piercing hole in size.

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