What if Urethral Sound Goes Too Deep?

One of the most important things to remember about urethral sounding is to know your limit. This is the only way to have an enjoyable time and to keep yourself safe. What if a urethral sound goes too deep? This is definitely one of the problems you may encounter during urethral sounding.

What If a Urethral Sound Goes Too Deep: A Solution

What if a urethral sound goes too deep? This can cause many people to panic, but don’t worry. It is actually not possible to lose a urethral toy inside of the body. Whatever happens, chances are that you will be able to retrieve your sound from the penis. Of course, if this proves out to be difficult, make sure to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

The fact that you cannot lose a urethral toy is not a fact to be careless. If urethral sound goes too deep, it can cause numerous problems. Even if it doesn’t slide down the penis and under the pee hole, you can experience many issues if you insert the toy beyond your limit.

Keep in mind that urethra is very sensitive. So are your prostate and the bladder. All of these structures can be damaged if you insert your toy too deep, especially if you are not ready. You can cause injuries and other problems. You can make your urethra burn and become too sensitive. You can cause overstretching and many other problems. You need to keep this in mind so you can be careful. If urethral sound goes too deep, it is not a good news.

How to Prevent Too Deep Insertion?

If you are scared that a urethral sound goes too deep or that you will not be able to control your urethral toys, there are some tips to follow. These tips will prevent too deep insertion and will minimize the risks of injuries and other problems. Remember: you need to do all you can to keep yourself safe during urethral stimulation!

Here are some tips to prevent too deep insertion:

  • Know your limits. In order to prevent urethral toy to go too deep, you need to know what “too deep” means. There is no one, universal way to tell. On the contrary: each person has their own, personal limit. Over time, these limits change, but you need to be aware where you’re at the moment. This will make you aware on how deep you actually can go.
  • Choose the right toys. Once you know how deep you want to go, choose appropriate toys. Choose toys that can’t go deeper than your limit. For example, you may opt for shorter penis plugs instead of longer sounds. If you want to try deeper sounding, know which toys are the best for the sensations you want to achieve. Make sure to know how to use these toys.
  • Practice. Urethral stimulation is a lot about practice and building your skills. Start slow and be patient. Work slowly to achieve your sounding goals and to build your sounding technique. This approach will teach you how to insert sounds just to the depth you are comfortable with. It will also minimize the risk of inserting urethral toys too deep in the heat of the moment.
  • Don’t push. Never push a toy inside of the urethra! This is true for shallow sounding, as well as deeper urethral sounding that goes to prostate or even bladder. Keep in mind that inserting a toy in the prostate requires some skills. Pushing will not do it. If you encounter a resistance it should be your sign to slow down. If you don’t want to go too deep, this is a perfect sign that tells you to stop.

If you follow these tips you can minimize the risks of injuries. These will help you have a safe and enjoyable urethral play.

Happy sounding!

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