What if Urethral Sound Gets Lost?

Urethral Sound Gets LostBeginners at urethral sounding often have many questions about this activity. Since urethral play is still a somewhat new thing that not many people talk about in public, it may seem like it is impossible to put your mind at ease when it comes to urethral play. One of the main fears that newbies have is about urethral toys getting lost inside of the penis. What is urethral sound gets lost? Is it possible to get it out without the help of a doctor?

Can You Lose a Urethral Sound Inside?

Urethral sound gets lost: this is a fear that many beginner users share when it comes to urethral sounding. It may seem inevitable in the case of shorter urethral toys. It may be impossible to hold on tight to the handle – with so much lube and getting lost in the moment, it seems inevitable that a urethral toy will slip inside of the penis and disappear.

Well, no. It doesn’t really work like that. First of all, it is not so easy for a penis to “swallow” a whole urethral toy. Longer toys are too long for that, especially when you take into account their long handle. Shorter toys typically have something that prevents them from slipping in, such as a ring or another mechanism for easy retrieval. So, do not worry too much about it.

The good news is that even if a urethral sound slips inside of the penis, it has nowhere to go. If a urethral sound gets lost, you can easily retrieve it. Just grab the base of your penis to feel the toy. Chances are that you will be able to feel it and gently push it toward the tip of the penis. Just do this and chances are that you will be able to grab it again and to move it out of the penis. Most of these accidents, when happen, are easy to remedy. It is not so difficult to retrieve a urethral toy if, by any chance, it slips down the pee hole. So, this is not something you should worry so much about. Instead, focus on developing your urethral play technique to enjoy urethral sounding to the fullest.

If a Urethral Sound Gets Lost for Real

In some very rare situations, a urethral sound can get lost “for real”. Meaning, it will be impossible for you to retrieve it. Urethral sound gets lost only in very rare situations, so this should not be your main fear. Remember, even if you are unable to retrieve it, it is not truly lost. It cannot roam around your body – it will be somewhere inside of your urinary tract.

However, there may be some rare situations in which you are unable to retrieve your urethral toy. Again, these things do not happen often, so this should not be your main fear to prevent you from attempting urethral play at all. At the same time, it is important to be aware of this possibility so you know what to do if it happens.

If urethral sound gets lost, it is important not to panic. This may be easier said than done but keep in mind that there is a way out of this. If you cannot retrieve the toy by yourself, seek medical help. Do not hesitate – it is important to get the toy out as soon as possible. Medical doctors face with all sorts of injuries every day so there is no need to hide what happened. They are also obligated to help you. So, go to the nearest ER to get the toy taken out. Do not leave it inside – this is a recipe for a trouble. Again, urethral sound truly getting lost is a rare occurrence but if it does happen, do not hesitate to seek medical help. This is the only way to stay safe during urethral sounding. You need to be prepared for any possibility.

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