What if Penis Plugs Keep Slipping Out?

~ Jhoney

Just got one of these [penis plugs]. I love it, feels fantastic, but it keeps slipping out on me any ideas on to keep it in there.

What if Penis Plugs Keep Slipping OutPenis plugs and other urethral toys are very exciting and can provide you with a great time. There is nothing like the feeling of a sturdy, smooth urethral toy rubbing against your urethral walls. Penis plugs and urethral sounds can also make your orgasms much stronger. One common problem with urethral toys, however, is that they may slip out during use. This is particularly true for shorter, smoother toys, such as beginners’ penis plugs. These small toys are exciting but the issue of slippage is more than annoying. What if penis plugs keep slipping out? How to remedy this problem?

What if Penis Plugs Keep Slipping Out?

What if penis plugs keep slipping out? Maybe you believe you tried everything but it’s still impossible to keep your urethral toy inside. Or perhaps you wish to learn a few tricks on how to control your penis plugs easily. Whatever you do, it is important to know how to prevent your urethral toys from slipping out.

Here are some good solutions:

Use Penis Plugs with a Glans Ring

One of the best and easiest ways to prevent your penis plugs from slipping out is to use a toy with a glans ring. Many penis plugs come with glans rings attached. The glans ring play a double role. On one hand, it is thee to provide additional stimulation during use, which makes the experience even more exciting and pleasurable. On the other hand, the glans ring keeps the penis plug inside and prevents slippage. If you are okay with using cock rings, think about penis plugs with glans rings. This may be a good solution that will prevent your urethral toy from slipping out of the penis.

Use Ribbed Penis Plugs

Smooth urethral toys are the most likely to slip out. Since they are so smooth it is easy to insert them and remove them out of your penis. It also means that they can freely move inside your urethra. For the most situations, this is a good thing: smooth urethral toys are comfortable and they tend to be very safe. However, if you want to prevent your penis plugs from slipping out, you may consider textured urethral toys. Textured and ribbed penis plugs are easier to keep in because they don’t move so easily. At the same time, keep in mind that they are more intense and are not good for beginner users. If you experience any discomfort and other problems make sure to remove your textured urethral toy immediately.

Use Longer Urethral Toys

Shorter urethral toys, such as small penis plugs, are the most likely to slip out. While longer and bigger toys can move a little, they are typically long enough not to slip out completely. The trouble is that longer and bigger toys are typically not reserved for beginners, so you need to be careful. Try switching to slightly longer penis plugs to see if you are still comfortable and if it solves the slippage problem.

Adjust the Amount of Lube

Lube is essential for a comfortable, safe and pain-free experience with urethral toys. This is particularly true for beginner users who are still learning how to use their penis plugs and other urethral toys. For this reason, it is absolutely important that you always use plenty of lube. SurgiLube works great for all types of urethral stimulation and you should apply a generous amount of it on your penis and your toys. On the other hand, if you experience frequent slippage, you may try to re-adjust the amount of lube you use. Try to apply a little less the next time and see if it helps. However, make sure not to cut too much: you still need plenty of lube to ensure a comfortable and safe experience.

Keep Practicing

In many ways, urethral play is about practice. The more you perform this sexual activity, the better you get. The more you use your penis plugs the easier becomes to keep them inside. Practice makes it perfect! While it may take some time for you to fully learn how to use urethral toys, it will get easier once your urethra is familiar with the feeling. This is not a guarantee, though: a lot depends on your anatomy, urethral toys in question and the way you use them. However, users with more experience typically claim that it is easier for them to control their urethral toys, including slippage. So, one of the best advice you can get is to keep practicing!

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  1. Love using my penis plug, just wish it would stay in.
    It is about 4 ” long and 1/2 ” dia
    Any ideas appreciated.

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