What are the Best Toys for My Pee Hole?

If you wan to enjoy urethral play, you will need appropriate toys. It is very important to only use toys that are designed for urethral stimulation. What are the best toys for my pee hole? They will depend on numerous factors, such as your experience level, your anatomy and your preferences.

Insert a Toy into the Pee Hole

What if I want toys for my pee hole? You need to understand that it is not actually a toy for your pee hole. A pee hole is just an entrance (or, more correctly, an exit) of the urethra. You will be inserting toys through the pee hole, yes, but those toys will go into the urethra. This is a canal that leads from the pee hole all the way to the bladder.

Why is this distinction important? Because urethral play is not really about finding a toy that can fit your pee hole. It is about finding the best toy to fit your urethra. This is what urethral play is all about. The urethra is sensitive and can bring numerous exciting and pleasurable sensations if you massage it.

On the other hand, if you simply want to stimulate your pee hole, that is fine, too. However, this is not really urethral stimulation in a full sense of the word. There are very short urethral toys you can place on the entrance of your pee hole to press it or massage it. However, these will not go into the urethra. You can use urethral toys such as penis plugs for this purpose, just make sure not to insert them deeper than the urethral opening (the pee hole). If this is all you like, great! If not, you will need to learn how to insert toys all the way down into the urethra for powerful stimulation.

The Best Toys for My Pee Hole

What are the best toys for my pee hole? Here are some guidelines on how to choose the best urethral toys:

  • A toy matches my experience. If you are a beginner at urethral sounding, it is highly advisable to choose shorter and smaller toys. They should not be too thick. Thick toys will cause overstretching, pain and discomfort. On the other hand, make sure not to use extremely thin toys, either. These toys are difficult to control and can slip inside of the pee hole easily. Do not go after extremely long toys: while it is possible to only insert the tip, you can always get carried away. Focus on relatively short and small toys that are of the same thickness as your urethra. Ideal toys for beginners are small penis plugs.
  • A toy matches my preferences. What do you want from urethral sounding? Most people want pleasure, but there are different ways to achieve this through urethral play. Some people want to masturbate with urethral toys inside. Others prefer to have a partner insert a toy and sound them. Some want to wear urethral toys for long periods of times, not taking them out for days, or even weeks. Others want to massage their prostate through the urethra. It is important to know what each type of a urethral toy can give you. For example, long urethral sounds are ideal for those who want to do prostate massage. Smooth penis plugs are ideal for long-term wear, and so on.
  • A toy matches my anatomy. This has a lot to do with your individual anatomy, but also with your preferences. It is important to remember that urethra is not particularly wide in itself. The only way for your body to accept thick urethral toys is to stretch your urethra. This is not as complex as it sounds, and it can be pleasurable. However, this is something you definitely need to keep in mind before choosing the best urethral toys. If you want to stretch your urethra to accept larger toys, you will need specific devices. These are known as urethral stretchers. They can stretch your urethra gradually and without pain.

Happy sounding!

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