What Are Elastic Rings Around Balls For?

Elastic Rings Around BallsThere are many different sex toys you can use on your balls for enhancing the sensations. Out of those, cock rings are the most popular ones. There are many heavy, metal cock rings you can use for intense sensations. However, those looking for lighter and more flexible options can find the right cock rings for their needs. It is possible to use elastic rings around balls for enhancing the sensation during sex or masturbation.

Flexible Ball Rings

Ball rings work in a similar way to the traditional cock rings, though they are a bit larger. Just like a cock ring goes around the shaft of the penis (or around the penis head, in the case of glans rings), a ball ring goes around the balls.

These ball rings may include another ring or two that goes around the penis, so these double as cock and ball rings. You can use them to enhance your erection and experience new stimulation during sex and masturbation.

Out of all ball rings, flexible ones are ideal for beginners. If you simply want to try testicle rings, elastic rings around balls are a good choice. They are easy to put on and take off, so you don’t need to worry about safety. Also, these rings are flexible so they provide comfort. Since they are flexible, typically one size fits most users.

Here are some of our flexible ball rings you can use for pleasure:

Dual Cock and Ball Ring Erection Enhancer. This is a great toy for those who want to try cock and ball stimulation without using heavy metal rings. It sits nicely around the cock and balls to provide pleasure.

Cock and Ball Holster. This is a powerful yet flexible toy that goes around both the balls and the cock to provide the most pleasurable experience. It even includes little numbs made for additional stimulation for the wearer and his partner during sex.

Annex Erection Enhancer. This is a more intense form that can even separate balls for more peculiar sensations. If you are into cock and ball rings and are looking for a flexible option, this toy is the right choice for you.

Elastic Rings around Balls for Stretching

Another reason for wearing elastic rings around balls is for the purpose of ball stretching. Many people like low-hanging balls and one way to achieve it is through ball stretching. Some people really dedicate themselves for this purpose while others do it occasionally, for the feeling and sexual gratification.

There are many different types of ball stretchers you can try to elongate your scrotum. The most effective ones are metal ball stretchers. You can use these if you want to get more long-term results and impressive low hanging balls.

On the other hand, there are also leather and even elastic ball stretchers. These do not provide as effective results as the metal ones but are great for casual users. If you are only starting out with ball stretching, a flexible, elastic ball stretcher may be the right choice for you. These elastic rings around balls will elongate your scrotum a bit and provide you with nice sensations during masturbation and sex.

Here are some flexible ball stretchers that we offer in our store:

Platinum Silicone Round Ball Stretcher. This is a flexible ball stretching device that you can use solo or with heavier ball stretchers. These are great for beginners who are only starting to experiment with ball stretching. You may also use them for adding comfort with traditional ball stretching weights.

Spiral Ball Stretcher. This is a taller, flexible and comfortable device great for beginners. If you like a bit of a tugging sensation without committing full time to ball stretching, this is the right toy for you. This ball stretcher I great for masturbation and experiencing new sensations. 

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