Wearing Vagina Jewelry

Vagina jewelry, or, more precisely, female genital jewelry, has to be comfortable. It is not just about mere comfort: wearing genital jewelry that has sharp edges, or is not properly designed, can cause numerous problems. This is why you need to be extra careful when you choose your vagina jewelry.

Explaining Vagina Jewelry

There is no really such a thing as “vagina jewelry”. Most female genital piercings are done around the clitoris or labia. These piercings don’t go through vagina at all. Only a few piercings, such as Fourchette and Princess Albertina go partially through vagina.

What people typically mean when they say “vagina jewelry” is female genital jewelry. This can refer to jewelry for vertical and horizontal clitoral hood piercings (VCH and HCH), triangle piercing, inner and outer labia piercing, and more.

The good news is that there are no specific jewelry pieces for female genital piercings. Instead, these piercings use some standard jewelry pieces that are easy to find. However, it is important to choose these pieces according to your specific piercing. Also, it is important to make sure that your jewelry is safe for genital use.

What is the Best Type of Vagina Jewelry?

The most common jewelry types for female genital piercings include captive bead rings, fixed bead rings, straight barbells, curved barbells and circular barbells.

In order to stay safe, your vagina jewelry (female genital jewelry) has to be made of safe materials, such as titanium or Surgical Steel. If you are not particularly sensitive or prone to allergies, you may also try 14k nickel-free gold jewelry.

Another thing to keep in mind is that your genital jewelry has to be smooth. Absolutely no sharp edges or corners. In certain situations, you may opt for jewelry with small gems, but that is all. Smooth beads are generally ok. If you feel discomfort with your jewelry, you may need to try a slightly different design.

Also, keep in mind to choose jewelry of an appropriate size. This is not just about jewelry gauge, although this is something you definitely want to pay attention to. You also need to get jewelry of the appropriate length and diameter. It should never be too long or too wide for your anatomy. Such jewelry will get snagged on the underwear and cause discomfort. On the other hand, your jewelry shouldn’t be too small. Such jewelry will dig into your flesh and cause trouble. It is vital to always wear genital jewelry that fits you perfectly.

Finally, make sure that your genital jewelry is well-made. This is no place to use cheap body jewelry. Remember: genital area is very sensitive, so you don’t want your jewelry to break or cause other problems. You need well-designed genital jewelry that is comfortable and fits you perfectly.

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