Wearing a Glans Ring for Long Periods of Time

wearing a glans ring

Donut Glans Ring

I started wearing a glans ring many years ago as an aid to keeping my foreskin retracted. Once my foreskin had learned to stay back with very little help I stopped wearing the ring. After several years of living with a permanently exposed glans I chose to be circumcised because I wanted to get rid of the excess loose skin. A few years ago I started wearing my glans ring again and I currently wear it 24/7 because it looks good and feels even better and I notice that other people notice it.

~ John M

It is great to know that there are people who manage to wear their glans rings for long periods of time. Wearing a glans ring for prolonged periods of time can feel really great to many people and to provide a boost of confidence. One thing that all people who wish to try this need to remember is that basically anything goes as long as it is safe. Of course, one may choose to practice unsafe things and to wear a glans ring even if it’s not recommended. Fair enough: everybody has a right to do whatever they want with their body. However, in order to wear your glans ring safely for long periods of time, here are some tips that will prevent possible problems.

Wearing a Glans Ring Safely

Wearing a glans ring safely for long periods of time is possible, but you need to know how to stay safe and how to notice any potential trouble. Here are some tips for wearing a glans ring for prolonged periods of time:

Know Why You Are Doing It

Wearing a glans ring for long periods of time is fun only if you know why you are doing it. A glans ring will generally make your penis head bigger and more pronounced. Is this the effect you wish to achieve? Your penis head will also become more sensitive, which is great for sex but it may pose a problem in everyday situations. However, many men love the feeling of their glans being gently stimulated wherever they go. Others just love the idea of having a glans ring when they are out in public. Whatever your reason may be, make sure to know it! This is the only way to make it fun and enjoyable for you.

Choose the Right Ring

There are many different types of glans rings you may choose. In order to wear one for long periods of time, make sure to pick the one that is comfortable and safe for long-term wear. Your glans ring should not constrict the blood flow too much or it may cause trouble. It should not be too tight so it is uncomfortable or dangerous. This is why it is best to choose a glans ring that sits nicely and will not put too much pressure on your glans. At the same time, you need a ring that will not easily slip out of your penis when you are flaccid. Getting the right size may require some trial and error but be persistent and you will find that amazing ring you will love to wear for long periods of time.

Clean It Regularly

In order to stay safe, it is important to clean your penis and your glans ring regularly. While you may want to leave your ring on for long periods of time, this should never interfere with hygiene. Make sure to take the ring out regularly to clean your penis head. This is extremely important since it will get rid of accumulated dirt and it will also allow your skin to breathe a little. If possible, do not put the ring right back on the penis head. Wait until your penis is completely dry to do it. If you need a bit of help putting the ring back on, use a drop of lube.

Know How to Recognize Trouble

While cleaning your penis, make sure to notice any potential warning signs, such as redness, numbness, pain or anything else that feels odd. It is important to notice any potential problem while it’s still relatively easy to solve. This is the only way to enjoy your glans ring to the fullest. It is also the only way to safely wear your ring for long periods of time.

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  1. Love the donut glans ring I recently purchased. It is the heaviest ring I have worn do far and makes my cock hang the way I want it to! Thank you The Chain Gang!

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