Should You Wear Second Hand Body Jewelry?

Wear Second Hand Body JewelrySecond hand body jewelry sometimes seems as an appealing choice because of the price. However, this doesn’t mean that these jewelry pieces are necessarily safe to use. When choosing body jewelry for yourself, make sure to do all you can to stay safe. While second hand jewelry may seem like a good deal it doesn’t mean that it is OK to wear second hand body jewelry. 

When is Safe to Wear Second Hand Body Jewelry?

Generally speaking, it is never completely okay to wear second hand body jewelry. You can’t guarantee that it is safe and that your body piercings will not get in trouble because of this. However, if you really want to try second hand body jewelry or if you are into a specific jewelry piece, there are some things you can do to make the experience safer.

It is generally best to know where the jewelry is coming from. In other words, if you need to use this jewelry, get one from a friend or a family member. Do not simply buy second hand jewelry and don’t order it online. You simply can’t know where it’s coming from. Of course, there are no guarantees even with jewelry from friends or family but at least you will have some idea on the jewelry’s past. You can never know with random second hand jewelry pieces.

There are some sellers who don’t really take care of their body jewelry. Many times, these second hand jewelry pieces are dirty and in bad shape. Some sellers don’t even know where the jewelry is coming from or accept any second hand jewelry piece that people want to sell to them.

With this approach you can never tell how dirty or unsanitary a second hand jewelry piece truly is. Sure, most sellers will claim that their second hand jewelry is sterile but you can never be really sure about it. Remember, even if there is no dirt and if a jewelry piece is in a great shape it doesn’t mean that it is sterile and it sure doesn’t mean that it is safe.

You Must Sterilize It

The other important thing to keep in mind if you want to wear second hand body jewelry: autoclave it! It needs to be sterile for you to use and this is something you need to do. Even if the seller/original owner claims that it is sterile, don’t take chances. It is better to sterilize it yourself than to suffer consequences.

Speaking of which: simply wiping a jewelry piece with alcohol or a cleaning device is not enough. Nor is boiling jewelry in water. In order to stay safe, you will need to properly sterilize your second hand body piercing jewelry. The only way to do that is to use an autoclave.

Since most people don’t have an autoclave in their homes, this may seem too complicated. The truth is that all piercing studios have autoclaves so ask around to see if they want to autoclave your jewelry for a price. Many piercing studios are okay with this so you might get lucky. It is important to do this step if you want to wear second hand body jewelry. Never wear any piercing jewelry piece that is not sterile! This is why it’s so important to autoclave all of your metal jewelry. This is the only way to stay safe with second hand body jewelry pieces.

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