Vertical Tragus Piercing

Vertical TragusVertical tragus is a rare ear piercing that is actually a variation of a much more popular tragus piercing. This vertical placement can look very stylish so it can attract a lot of attention. For this reason, it is not unheard of to have a vertical tragus piercing. However, keep in mind that most piercings that look like a vertical tragus are surface piercings.

Placement and Variants

Vertical tragus is a rare variation of a tragus piercing, which also make it into one of the ear cartilage piercings. Tragus is a small cartilage projection right in front of the ear canal. All people have this projection but some have a tragus that is more prominent than the others. It is possible to pierce a tragus in various ways if the projection is big enough. Many people can receive a regular tragus piercing and some can even have a vertical tragus piercing.

A vertical tragus piercing goes vertically through the tragus. Since not all people can receive this piercing, it is very important to find a piercer with plenty of experience with these piercings. Such a piercer can examine you to tell you if you can accommodate a vertical tragus piercing or not.

In case you cannot accommodate a true vertical tragus piercing or if you don’t want to pierce a tragus vertically, there is a solution. It is possible to get a surface piercing right in front of the tragus that will simulate the look of a vertical tragus. Many people choose this option. In fact, most of the vertical tragus piercings are in fact surface piercings. This piercing is also known as “surface tragus” piercing.

This is a simpler version but keep in mind that such a piercing is a surface piercing. In other words, it is prone to all the problems that surface piercings have, such as a heightened risk of migration and rejection. You need to keep this in mind if you wish to get a surface vertical tragus piercing.


Both true vertical tragus and surface vertical tragus use similar ear piercing jewelry. The main jewelry style for these piercings is a curved barbell. The barbell can accommodate the shape of the tragus projection, particularly if the piercer uses a curved needle.

When choosing the right jewelry for your piercing, make sure that the barbell is short enough so it fits your tragus perfectly. Keep in mind that tragus is a relatively small projection on the ear cartilage so it cannot take large or heavy jewelry pieces.

If you want to get a surface piercing that resembles a vertical tragus, it will be easier to choose a curved barbell. Chances that you will not need to worry about the length and size of the barbell so much, since standard curved barbells will fit the surface piercing. However, keep in mind that this is still a sensitive area.

Some people choose to experiment with other jewelry types for their vertical tragus piercing. However, it is best to stick to curved barbells and their variants. Some people choose to experiment with circular ear rings but these jewelry pieces are better for regular tragus piercings. You may also use some one of a kind piercing jewelry as long as it fits your vertical tragus piercing.

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