Vertical Lobe Piercing

Vertical EarlobeVertical lobe piercing is an earlobe piercing in which the jewelry is positioned vertically. This placement is unusual for a lobe piercing, so it attracts attention. A great thing about vertical lobe piercing is that it’s done on the earlobe, which is easy body part to pierce, but it’s still relatively rare and more unusual than a regular earlobe piercing.

This is an easy way to get a unique piercing without having to go for a painful or impractical body part to pierce.

Placement and Procedure

Vertical lobe piercings are similar in many ways to the regular lobe piercings. At the same time, there are some notable differences. A vertical lobe piercing is done on the earlobe, just like the regular lobe piercing. However, while the regular earlobe piercing goes from front to back of the earlobe, the vertical earlobe piercing is much longer. It goes from top of the earlobe all the way down to the bottom of the earlobe.

It is very similar to a transverse lobe piercing, only instead of horizontally, this one is done vertically. It’s like having a transverse lobe piercing turned for 90 degrees.

When it comes to procedure, it’s important to know that earlobes are not particularly painful, so this is rarely an issue for this type of piercing. However, due to the placement, the piercing itself requires some skill, since it’s not the easiest placement to pierce. For this reason, it’s advisable to hire a piercer who is experienced with this type of earlobe piercings. This is not the same as regular lobe piercings and it requires more skill! That being said, vertical earlobe piercing is still a relatively easy procedure and a quick piercing to get.

Before the procedure, the piercer will mark your ears and clamp your lobe and anti-tragus. After this, the piercing needle is inserted vertically through the lobe. It’s important to pierce on the right depth. The main problem is to pierce too deep or too shallow: since the earlobe is so thin, any mistake of this kind can increase the risk of rejection.

Once the piercing is done the jewelry is inserted and the healing time starts.


Typical jewelry for vertical earlobe piercing is a straight barbell. This is the most convenient and comfortable jewelry to wear. Simple, non-ornamented barbells work the best.

It’s important to note the materials such as titanium and 316LVM Surgical Steel are recommended for initial jewelry. Do not use gold jewelry until your vertical earlobe piercing is fully healed.

Additional Info and Tips

  • Vertical earlobe piercing can be combined with other types of earlobe piercings, such as regular lobe piercing, stretched lobe piercing or even transverse lobe piercing (though this one is more difficult to achieve because of the placement).
  • The healing time for vertical earlobe piercing is longer than regular earlobe piercing. It takes about 6 months to heal.
  • New vertical lobe piercings can cause slight bruising.
  • Since this is a relatively long piercing, it’s vital to ensure proper drainage. This is why you should follow aftercare instructions carefully and clean your piercing with a saline solution twice per day.
  • During the healing time, make sure to move hair away from your ear. Do not wear earphones and be careful not to hurt your ear when you remove your clothes.
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