VCH, HCH or Triangle Piercing: Which One to Get?

There are many great female genital piercings you can choose. Among the most popular ones are Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing, Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing and Triangle piercing. Women often wonder which one to get. Which one is the best in terms of aesthetics and functionality: VCH, HCH or Triangle piercing?

VCH, HCH or Triangle Piercing: Pleasure

The first thing you might consider when deciding between VCH, HCH and Triangle piercing is the functionality. Genital piercings are often functional. That is, they can enhance pleasure for the wearer during sex. This is one of the main reasons why people choose to get genital piercings in the first place. These make sex even more pleasurable. For women who have a difficult time reaching the orgasm, genital piercings can be an eye-opening experience.

However, not all genital piercings are created equal. Some press on the sweet spots better than the others. When it comes to female genital piercings, those around the clitoris tend to bring the most pleasure. However, the placement is crucial.

Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing can bring a lot of pleasure. There are many women who claim that VCH piercing makes orgasm more intense and easily achievable. This is why VCH piercing is the most popular female genital piercing in the world. It truly works! Of course, not all women have the same experience and there can never be the absolute guarantee on how you’ll react, but Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing is definitely a functional piercing. Also, since it goes through the clitoral hood only, it is not a very complex piercing, so it doesn’t hurt as much as it looks.

On the other hand, Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing is more on the aesthetics-only side. It looks very beautiful, but it does not enhance sexual pleasure as much as Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing does. Keep this in mind if you are looking for a functional genital piercing. On the other hand, HCH is one of the most beautiful female genital piercings so there are many women who choose to have it. Also, there are women who do claim that it does, in fact, enhance pleasure. So there are definitely reasons for choosing this beautiful piercing. Just be prepared that it might not improve sexual pleasure.

Triangle piercing is the most complex of the three. It is a very specific piercing that both looks amazing and can enhance sexual pleasure. However, it is absolutely important to find a piercer who is very knowledgeable about female genital piercings. A Triangle piercing goes underneath the clitoris and exits on the front. It stimulates your clitoris from behind, which produces amazing sensations and powerful orgasms. It is perhaps the most sexually rewarding female genital piercing.

The downside is that it is more complex to perform than VCH and HCH. It means that you need a piercer who is an absolute expert in genital piercings. You need such a piercer because only a proper placement will result in sexual satisfaction. Wrong placement, on the other hand, can make for a very painful, unpleasant and dangerous experience. It can also result in an improperly-placed piercing.

Which Piercing to Choose?

VCH, HCH or Triangle piercing? Which one is best? It depends partially on your preferences and partially on your anatomy. Not all people can accommodate all piercings, so before you decide on the female genital piercing that you like the best, it is important to consult a knowledgeable piercer. Your piercer can examine you and tell you which of these piercings is appropriate for you. On the other hand, they can also tell you if one of more of these piercings are not compatible with your anatomy.

Once you know which genital piercings you can get, think about what you want from a piercing. Is sexual stimulation a must with a piercing? Or are you satisfied with aesthetics only? Your preferences will help you decide which piercing to get. Remember: all of these piercings (VCH, HCH and Triangle piercing) can look amazing, so all of them can make a great piercing for your intimate region.

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