How to: Van Buren Sounding

Van Buren SoundingVan Buren sounds are probably the most popular among the special urethral toys. These are ideal for deep urethral stimulation and prostate massage. Van Buren sounds are popular among those users who are into deep urethral play and intensity. However, it is important to remember that these are powerful toys and that you need to have some experience with urethral play before you try them. Those who want to know more about Van Buren sounding need to understand the purpose of these sounds: they require a certain skill to use properly. This is one of the many reasons why Van Buren sounds are not good for beginners.

Van Buren Sounding: Differences from Other Toys

It is undeniable that Van Buren sounds are powerful sounding devices but you need to know how to use them properly. This often comes down to understanding the differences between these sounds and other urethral toys. You need to know what makes Van Buren sounds special so you know how to use them properly.

Perhaps the main difference between Van Buren sounds and other urethral toys such as Hegar sounds or penis plugs is the shape. While most urethral toys are straight, Van Buren sounds have a distinctive curve. This makes them resemble a letter J. The curve is not there for a decoration but it plays a crucial role in urethral play with these sounds.

The curve is there to serve two purposes. It can accommodate natural curves in the urethra and it also makes prostate massage easier. Keep in mind that urethra is not really straight; the straight portion of it is inside of the penis but the urethra itself goes much deeper. Past the base of the penis there is a distinctive curve. While you can insert straight toys deep into the urethra the feeling is different with Van Buren sounds. Also, these toys can accommodate the urethra because the curve follows the curves in the urethra. This is important for safe and enjoyable urethral stimulation.

Van Buren sounds also feature a tip that is perfect for targeted massage and teasing. This is ideal for those who wish to try prostate stimulation in a safe way. In fact, Van Buren sounds are among the best prostate toys for direct (urethral) prostate stimulation. Keep in mind that this is very intense so it is important to know what you are doing.

Using Van Buren Sounds

Van Buren sounding is not as complex as it may seem but it does require you to develop some skill. This is one of the main reasons why beginner users should not try these toys before they gain some experience with other urethral toys.

Since Van Buren sounds have such a special design they can provide more pleasure for those who know how to use them. On the other hand, users without experience can find these toys complicated or even uncomfortable. You can even hurt yourself with this sound if you don’t know what you’re doing.

As usual, make sure to use plenty of lube and to go slowly. This is where experience with other types of urethral toys help. You need to know how to insert a toy without a problem and how to make it go deep. It means inserting it past the base of the penis.

Because Van Buren sounds have a curve, you may find that you will need to angle your penis to start inserting the toy. Make sure to go slowly and change the angle if necessary as you go. Most urethral toys require some rotation past the base of the penis but this is where Van Buren sounds should truly settle. You should be able to feel the toy’s curve nicely fitting the curve in your urethra and, depending on the depth, touching the entrance to the prostate.

People who use Van Buren sounds regularly will be able to do this insertion within seconds. However, it takes some practice to get there so don’t worry. Just go slowly and keep practicing to develop your own insertion skill – once you have that you will be able to enjoy Van Buren sounds without a problem.

Happy sounding!

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