Vampire Bites Piercing

Vampire Bites PiercingA vampire bites piercing is a neck piercing on the side of the neck. It is made to look like imaginary bites on the neck. This piercing is also known under other names: vampire kiss piercing and vampire piercing. This is one of the most common neck surface piercings.

Vampire Bites Piercing Information

Vampire bites consists of two holes on the neck. This is a surface piercing so it doesn’t go deeper than the skin of the neck. As a surface piercing, it is prone to common problems that surface piercings have, such as migration, rejection and other problems.

What is important with this piercing is the placement. While it can be located at various points on the neck, it is important that the two holes are made in such a way that they resemble a bite on the neck. This is why vampire bites piercing is typically done on the side of the neck.

Piercing Procedure and Aftercare

Vampire bites is a standard surface piercing so the procedure follows the rules of surface piercings. The piercer cleans the surface of the skin and marks the points. Then the piercer passes a hollow needle through the skin and inserts the jewelry.

This is not an overly complex piercing but it often leads to swelling and pain after the procedure. It is also not uncommon to bleed for a few days. These things are normal so you should not worry. However, if it doesn’t stop or improve after a few days, it is best to visit your doctor. Other warning signs include discharge, pus, overall sensitivity or piercing site getting more and more swollen. All of these are a sign of infection and you should seek medical attention immediately.

You should clean your new piercing with saline soaks a few times per day. Make sure that your piercing doesn’t get snagged on clothes, hair or anything else. Resist the urge to touch your piercing, except during the cleaning.

Keep in mind that this is a surface piercing so it is likely not permanent. Still, with a good care you will be able to keep your piercing for a longer time. It is important to monitor your piercing regularly so you can notice the first signs of migration, rejection or infection. If you act quickly chances are that you will be able to save your piercing or at least to retire it without scars.

Vampire Bites Jewelry

As a surface piercing, vampire bites require jewelry that is suitable for surface piercings. It means that it has to minimize the risk of migration, rejection and other problems that are common with surface piercings.

Vampire bites can look great with strategically placed curved barbells or U-turn barbells. Straight barbells are not good for this type of piercing because they will make the piercing reject quickly. Another good choice is a surface bars. Other common option includes dermal anchors with plain or decorative beads.

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