Vagina piercing

Female Genital JewelryIf you are interested in a vagina piercing, it is important to know that there are actually not many piercings that go directly through the vagina itself, so this is something to keep in mind.

In fact, chances are that by “vagina piercing” you actually assume a different female genital piercing type, such as a clitoral hood piercing or a labia piercing.

Is Vagina Piercing what I’m Looking For?

The first and most important question to ask when deciding to get a vagina piercing is whether vagina piercing is what you are really looking for. Remember, there is no really such a thing as a “vagina piercing”. All you can get are some genital piercings that pass through vagina. That being said, even those piercings pass only partially through the vagina so they are known under other names.

Before you go after such a piercing, your goal is to make sure that the vagina piercing is really what you are looking for. Keep in mind that many female genital piercings may seem like they pass through the vagina but they don’t. For example, the most common female genital piercings go only through the clitoral hood and labia, without even touching the vagina.

There is a similar situation with clitoris. Many piercings look like they pass through the clitoris while only the surface skin is affected and not the clitoris itself. In other words, many piercings that look in a certain way are actually different piercing types. There is a similar situation with vagina piercings.

If you are interested in a more popular piercing type, remember that it cannot be a vaginal piercings. All female genital piercings that go partially through the vagina are somewhat rare. On the contrary, the more common ones, such as Vertical Clitoral Hood piercing, Horizontal Clitoral Hood piercing, triangle piercing or labia piercing, do not go through the vagina at all.

Types of Vagina Piercings

If you absolutely want to have a piercing through the vagina, you need to opt for the special piercing types. These piercings are typically rare ones, so this is yet another thing to keep in mind. Also, remember that these piercings only partially go through the vagina and are known under other names.

Types of piercings that partially go through the vagina are:

  • Fourchette piercing. This is a relatively rare piercing through the lower rim of the vagina. The piercing is done on the pinchable flap of skin on the vaginal entrance, and this flap of skin is what is pierced – not the vagina itself. Typical jewelry for fourchette piercing include curved barbell, straight barbell or Captive Bead Rings.
  • Princess Albertina piercing goes through the female urethra and exits in the vagina. This is a female equivalent of the popular Prince Albert piercing. However, while PA piercing is very popular with men, Princess Albertina is rare. Since it goes through the urethra it can lead to urinary tract infections. This piercing may be good for women who like urethral stimulation.
  • Hymen piercing is a piercing through the hymen, and it touches on the vagina on its back side. This is a very rare piercing, done on the hymen. This is considered one of the rarest female genital piercings.
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