Using Saliva as Lube: Yes or No?

Saliva as LubeMany people wonder if it’s okay to use saliva as lube. It is undeniable that it is possible, under certain circumstances, to use saliva as a lubricant during sex. It might even be that saliva was the world’s first lubricant. However, saliva is not the best choice of lube and in some cases it can even be dangerous. 

Should You Use Saliva as Lube?

While it is possible to use saliva as lube, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t do that. Keep in mind that this is not a reliable lubricant, especially if you want to engage in a long sex session or if you want to have sex with a partner.

First of all, saliva doesn’t last long. It is too watery and while it can provide momentary relief, it is too unreliable to use as a proper lubricant. It doesn’t make things properly smooth and it will dry out quickly. This is why it’s not a good idea to use for longer sex sessions, be it masturbation or sex with a partner.

Another problem is that saliva simply cannot provide everything a good lubricant can. It doesn’t provide enough of lubrication, which is something you need in so many situations. For example, putting on a cock ring or taking it off in an emergency.

Finally – and this is actually the most important point – saliva is not sterile. While you may feel ok applying your own saliva to your penis during masturbation, it is not a good idea to use with a partner. Also, even masturbation is not safe with your own saliva because it simply isn’t sterile. It can transfer dirt and bacteria on a vibrator or another toy, which can cause infections in both men and women. This becomes even more of a problem if you want to engage in some more extreme forms of sexual activities that require absolutely sterile toys, such as urethral play.

For all these reasons it is best not to use saliva as lube. There are so many affordable yet excellent lubricants you can buy today so there is no need to use saliva during sex or masturbation.

Great Lubricants

Instead of using saliva as lube, it is much better to enjoy proper lubricants. These lubricants are specially formulated to last long and provide you with the smoothest and most arousing experience imaginable. They tend to last much longer than lube and will make you enjoy to the fullest. Also, keep in mind that a good lubricant is safer than saliva so you can relax.

Some of our best all-purpose lubricants include:

  • Passion Natural Water Based Lube / Lubricant. This is a fantastic water-based lubricant you can use in many different situations. It provides a super-smooth experience for both you and your partner. It is also a great lube to use with sex toys.
  • Jizz Lube. This is a lube ideal for those who want something extra. It is a powerful all-purpose lubricant you can use in many different situations. This lube provides a great bonus: a nice taste and scent of real cum so you can enjoy oral sex to the fullest. Ideal for cum fetishists and all those who like a bit of a kinky feeling with their lube.
  • Pjur Original. This is an amazing, super-concentrated lubricant for all your needs. It is so powerful that just one drop will do the trick in most of the cases. This is a lube you will enjoy over and over again.

Lubricants for Special Activities

These lubricants are specially made for specific sexual activities, such as urethral play or anal sex. While it is possible to use them for other sex activities with equal power, make sure to always have a specialized lube with you when you want to enjoy these activities.

The best lubricants for special activities include:

  • Surgilube Lubricating Jelly. This is a premium lube ideal for many different activities. This is a lubricant that doctors use so it is completely safe, sterile and ideal even for the most vigorous play. Since it is sterile, you can use it for highly sensitive activities such as urethral stimulation or prostate massage.
  • Clean Stream Relax Desensitizing Anal Lube. This is an amazing lubricant ideal for those who want to enjoy intense anal sex. Both men and women can use this lube for relaxation and a more enjoyable anal sex experience. It is particularly good for newbies who can’t relax or for those who like their anal sessions to be long and intense.
  • E-Stim Conductive Electrogel / lube. This is a powerful lubricant specially formulated for Electro Stimulation. All those who enjoy Elecro Sex can now have a safe, strong and incredibly arousing lube. This lubricant is ideal for the use of E-Stim toys so power up and enjoy the powerful tingling and vibrations that Electro Sex can bring!
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