Using Dildos as Butt Plugs

If you are interested in anal stimulation you might be looking for the best sex toys to fulfill the purpose. After all, there are numerous fantastic anal toys you can use to pleasure yourself or your partner. However, not all toys are the same. One of the most popular toy types, dildos, may seem like a good choice for anal stimulation. Is using dildos as butt plugs safe? This is one thing you need to ask yourself before you use your dildo as an anal toy.

Dildos as Anal Toys

using dildos as butt plugsDildos are among the most popular types of adult toys in the world. Along with vibrators, they make the most common penetrative sex toys you can use. Dildos come in many different sizes, shapes, materials and textures so they can make for very varied sensations. It is therefore not surprising that many people use them for sexual pleasure. Since most dildos are phallic in shape, they can hit all the right spots. Both men and women use them for penetration during solo time or during sex with a partner.

Dildos are great for vaginal penetration and most of them are built specifically for this purpose. These dildos may come in many different shapes and to have special designs for stimulating certain erogenous zones, such as a G-spot.

However, these vaginal dildos are not the only dildos you can use. There are also special anal dildos that are great for anal stimulation. These dildos are anal toys and should be used for this purpose. Their design is typically a bit different than regular dildos: they usually have a wide base that prevents the toy to be lost inside the anus. While not all anal dildos look like this, many of the anal toys have a wide base. This wide base is there for safety reasons: you sure don’t want to lose your toy inside the body!

Is Using Dildos as Butt Plugs Safe?

Since dildos are penetrative toys, some people might want to use them as butt plugs. Butt plugs are handy anal toys that go up the anus and can stay there. While many people use them only to enhance the sensations during masturbation or sex, it is also possible to wear these anal plugs on a more long-term basis. There are many people who wear them under their clothes in everyday situations.

You might want to use your dildo as a butt plug instead of getting a specialized anal toy. While this may seem like a logical move, keep in mind that most dildos are not anal toys, unless they are designed to be used this way. In other words, they might not have a wide base or another safety measure to prevent them to be losing inside the body. If you want to use such toys for anal stimulation you are exposing yourself to a risk. Keep in mind that most anal toys have a wide base for a reason: it is there to protect you. Most regular dildos don’t have this and are not the safest toys for anal stimulation.

It becomes even trickier if you want to use your dildo as a butt plug. As noted above, many people choose to wear their butt plugs on a more long-term basis. This is simply impossible to achieve with a dildo. Not to mention that using dildos as butt plugs is a dangerous idea anyway. This is not something you should attempt.

In Conclusion

If you really want to try butt plugs and anal toys, go for special toys that are ideal for this purpose. Anal plugs are there to go up in the anus. Unlike dildos, they are specially designed for this purpose and are safe for anal use. Instead of exposing yourself to risk, use appropriate toys for any form of sex activity you want to try. As such, using dildos as butt plugs is not a good way to go: buy specialized anal toys instead. There are many beautiful and arousing butt plugs to choose from so you will sure be able to find at least a few that suit your needs.

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