How to Use Scrotum Parachutes for CBT

You can use scrotum parachutes for CBT (cock and ball torture) if you are into this kink. While parachute ball stretchers are not exclusively made for CBT they are great devices for those who like painful pleasures and would like to try some cock and ball torture. However, in order to stay safe and to make the most out of your play it is important to know how to use scrotum parachutes for CBT.

The Beauty of Scrotum Parachutes

Scrotum Parachutes for CBTScrotum parachutes, also known as parachute ball stretchers, are interesting devices ideal for intense ball stretching experience. Unlike regular ball weights that have a purpose of elongating your scrotum, parachute ball stretchers go one step further and make the stretching experience extra exciting.

A parachute ball stretcher is conical in shape and it fastens around your scrotum easily. Unlike regular ball stretchers, this one comes with chains for hanging additional weights. It means that you can make your scrotum parachute extra heavy and intense. Many people who are into ball stretching for the purpose of getting low hangers appreciate parachute stretchers because they can add weight and make the whole process more effective.

Using Scrotum Parachutes for CBT

The chains can accept additional weight or you can use them to attach hooks, ropes and other devices. You can see how this plays into a cock and ball torture scenario. If you like painful pleasures you can use scrotum parachutes for CBT in numerous ways.

The simplest way is to simply hang very heavy weights onto the chains and see how it feels. Many people find this to be enough to elevate the experience. Remember, your CBT play can be as light or as intense as you want it. It is always best to start slowly and build your way up from there.

Another common option is to use ropes. These are great for pulling and twisting testicles so they sure add to the intensity of the experience. This is best for users with more experience and those who truly appreciate intensity and pain.

Weights, ropes, hooks and other items can be combined for the extra powerful and extreme experience. Again, it all depends on what you want and what kind of a scenario you want for your CBT play. Some people like to build the intensity by starting with lightest weights and then adding more and more to test the limits. It will depend on what you and your partner like and what kind of a cock and ball torture scenario you want to achieve.

A good thing about using scrotum parachute for CBT is that it can produce many different sensations. It can be very light: remember, ball stretchers are not necessarily painful or uncomfortable so they need to be good even for those who don’t like CBT. This allows you to start small and build your way up from there. Also, it allows you to try many different pain levels and many different scenarios until you discover what truly works for you and your partner.

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