Urethral Toys That are not Penis Plugs nor Sounds

Urethral Toys That are not Penis Plugs nor Sounds

X1 Prince’s Wand Sound

As you probably know, most urethral toys fall into two main categories: urethral sounds and penis plugs. These are by far the most popular devices made for urethral play.

These toys are specially designed to provide the best sensations so it is not surprising they are so popular among all fans of urethral stimulation.

Urethral Toys That are not Penis Plugs nor Sounds: Overview

Penis plugs are very diverse toys that can be designed for many different sensations while urethral sounds are typically modeled after real medical devices used for examinations. Both of these groups of toys are very popular and much loved among all those who like to practice urethral play.

However, urethral sounds and penis plugs are not the only urethral toys you can try. In fact, there are many other devices specially designed for urethral play. While these toys are not as popular as urethral sounds and penis plugs they are still great and suitable for some specific sensations. If you wish to experiment with different forms of urethral play it would be useful to know of these other toys available for urethral stimulation.

Here are some common types of urethral toys that are not penis plugs nor sounds:

Penis Trainers and Stretchers

These are probably the most popular types of urethral toys that are not penis plugs nor sounds. While not all people use them, they are very useful for beginners who wish to train for urethral stimulation. Remember, you can only go so far if your urethra is not properly stretched.

In order to be able to enjoy urethral toys to the fullest, you need to train your urethra, meaning, to make it wider and bigger through stretching. This can be a painful and uncomfortable process if you are not careful. For this reason, it is highly recommended to use urethral trainers and stretchers. They will allow you to stretch your urethra gradually and without problems.

Recommended products: Smooth Training Stretcher, Urethra Training Wand, Tapered Urethral Stretcher Male Vibrator, Vibrating Urethral Stepper.

Prince’s Wands

Prince’s Wands are specially designed urethral toys that resemble Prince’s Wands made for pierced penises. Unlike a typical Prince’s Wand, which requires the wearer to have a PA (Prince Albert) piercing, these wands do not require you to have a pierced penis. In other words, you can enjoy them even if your penis is not pierced, though there are some Prince’s Wands that sure work wonders in a combination with a PA piercing.

These wands are long urethral toys and can be seen as a combination of penis plugs and urethral sounds. They are typically longer than a classic penis plug but come in more distinct shapes than classic urethral sounds. These toys usually come with a glans ring made for additional stimulation.

Recommended products: X1 Prince’s Wand Sound, X2 Prince’s Wand Sound, Ziro Penis Wand with Glan’s Ring, In & Out Princes Wand.

Sperm Stoppers

Sperm stoppers are small, short urethral toys that are not inserted deep into the urethra. In fact, they are the shortest urethral toys because their shaft is very short. A sperm stopper has a ball on the end that is inserted into the pee hole. It doesn’t go very deep into the urethra but it can serve its purpose well – it is there to prevent the semen to be ejaculated from the penis during the orgasm.

Stopping the sperm makes for a very intense, pleasurable feeling many men enjoy. It also makes the orgasm stronger and more pleasurable. These sperm stoppers are thus very popular even among men who are otherwise not into classic urethral play.

All sperm stoppers come with a glans ring that serves not only for additional stimulation during use but also to secure the stopper into the urethra. These are handy little toys made for beginners and more experienced users alike – if you enjoy the feeling of reverse ejaculation, these toys are for you!

Recommended products: Sperm Stopper, Double Ring Sperm Stopper, The Sperm Stopper with Frenum Ball, Gem Set Fancy Sperm Stopper.

Vice Grip

A Vice Grip is an extreme urethral toy made only for the most experienced users who like to combine pain and pleasure. As such, this is a niche toy that not all fans of urethral stimulation will enjoy, but those who like extreme toys and pain will sure love the feelings a Vice Grip can provide.

A Vice Grip is specially designed for extreme urethral stretching and kink play. It keeps the urethra opened and stretched during use. Typically, a Vice Grip comes with one or more cock rings made to provide additional stimulation during use and to keep the device in place. As mentioned above, this is an extreme urethral toy reserved only for those with a niche interest in pain and super intense urethral play.

Recommended products: Vice Grip Urethral Stretcher, Extreme Vice Grip, Ultimate Vice Grip.

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