Urethral Toys for Small Penis

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My penis is small. Can I use a four inch penis plug?

Urethral Toys for Small PenisIt is not uncommon for men to worry about urethral toys and the size of their penis. After all, many urethral toys are very long, which can be intimidating or even embarrassing. This is why a common question is about the length of urethral toys for small penis. How long can a penis plug or urethral sound be if your penis is not big?

The truth is that the size doesn’t matter, at least not much.

How Long Are Urethral Toys for Small Penis?

A man who has a small penis (or thinks he has a small penis) might worry about the length of the urethral toys but this fear is often unfounded. The urethra is much longer than the penis itself: it extends past the base of the penis and into the body. It is typically much longer than four inches, even for men who have a small penis. As such, the length of the urethral toy should not pose the problem, except perhaps in some rare cases.

What is more important with penis plugs and other urethral toys is the thickness of the toy. This is often the most crucial detail because a good toy should fit your urethra perfectly. It can’t be too thin nor too thick or else it can hurt you and cause numerous problems. This is something you should worry about. The length is not so much of an issue because you can always insert only part of the toy into the urethra. You don’t have to go all the way down.

Four Inch Penis Plugs

As for the question about a four inch penis plug: this is still a very short urethral toy. In fact, it is among the smallest penis plugs you can find. If you feel like you are very small, it is best to start with a shorter toy and see how it goes. Remember: you don’t have to shove the toy all the way down the urethra! It is absolutely possible to have fun just by inserting the first few inches of the toy into the penis. You don’t have to go deep and you don’t have to insert the whole shaft.

This can be a bit tricky with some types of penis plugs because they might require the whole shaft to be inside the penis. For example, penis plugs with a glans ring require you to insert the toy all the way. Also, if you want to wear a penis plug for prolonged periods of time it needs to be neatly inserted. In these cases, it is best to seek the absolutely shortest penis plugs or models that don’t have to go all the way down to enjoy them.

Warning: Special Cases

Please keep in mind that the above examples refer to the penises without any problems or underlying issues. Men who have certain medical conditions, such as micro penis, should consult a doctor before they choose to use urethral toys. While there are men with micro penis who report no problem with urethral toys, it is still advisable to consult a kink-friendly doctor or to at least pass an examination with the urologist. It is important to stay safe during urethral play so it’s best to check beforehand.

The same goes for any other underlying issue you might have with your penis. Even those who believe they are healthy should check with their doctor and make sure that it is safe for them to engage in urethral stimulation. Not all doctors are open to talking about it so it is best to try and find a kink-friendly doctor who can help. It is always best to get examined and to hear if there are any obstacles to urethral play or if there are certain types of urethral toys you should not use.

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