Urethral Toys: How to Choose the Right Diameter

Urethral toysThe thickness of urethral sounds and penis plugs is very important to ensure safety. It’s also down to individual preferences: different diameters give vastly different sensations, and you might want to experiment with particular ones to experience just the type of massage you enjoy the most. Keep in mind, however, that the size of a urethral toy has a lot to do with safety – it is absolutely crucial to choose a sound or a plug of the right size that will not hurt your body.

While it is important to choose a urethral toy that is not too long for you, it is also vital to pay attention to the toy’s diameter. The thickness of the toy is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a penis plug or a urethral sound. Your chosen toy should not be too thick nor too thin for you. So, how to choose the right one?

The Importance of Choosing the Right Diameter

There are many reasons why you need to choose a urethral toy of the right diameter. Keep in mind that there are probably several sizes of toys that will fit you, but it’s absolutely crucial not to choose a toy that is too thick nor too thin for your body.

Here are the main reasons why you need to choose urethral toys of the right diameter:

  • This is by far the most important reason for choosing appropriately-sized urethral toys. As you probably know, urethral sounding has to be performed carefully and with care in order to stay safe. Choosing the right size of the toy is one of the main ways to ensure safety. This goes both for the length and girth of the toy. In some ways, the diameter of the toy is even more important because even the shortest, smallest toys can be dangerous if they are too thin or too thick.
  • Another important reason for choosing urethral toys of the right size is to experience just the right type of sensations. Some of this will depend on personal preferences, so you have some choice over the girth of your toys. Other factors that play into it are the shape of the toy and the way you use it. In any case, the toy’s diameter will greatly influence the type of massage and stimulation you’ll receive, so it’s an important thing to keep in mind.
  • Experience level. Some urethral toys are just not made for beginners, and you need to know that. Beginner users are typically advised to choose smaller toys, but not too thin toys – in fact, thinnest urethral toys are made for more experienced users. Take your experience level into account when choosing a urethral toy for you.

What is the Right Diameter?

Choosing the right diameter of a urethral toy often requires a bit of a trial and error. Generally speaking, you should stay away from toys that are too thick or too thin for you. Keep in mind that only the most experienced users can use the thickest and thinnest urethral toys safety. If you are a newbie, stick to the one or two sizes that feel comfortable to you until you gain more experience and until your urethra is stretched properly.

A urethral toy should not be too thick for the obvious reasons. Bigger urethral sounds and penis plugs with huge diameters just can’t fit the beginner’s urethra. You should always start with toys that can fit your body without much force – in fact, you should never use force or pressure to insert a urethral toy. If you wish to train your urethra to accept thicker toys, you need to stretch it properly. There are special stretcher toys made for this purpose.

A urethral toy should not be too thin because it’s risky. Toys with small diameters can very easily slip down your urethra and cause problems. They are too sharp and can easily create false passages. It is very easy to hurt yourself very badly unless you are very experienced with urethral sounding to know what you’re doing. For these reasons, it is absolutely important to stay away from toys that are too thin, especially if you are a beginner.

What does this mean in practice? You should always stick to urethral toys that make the best fit for your urethra. It means that the toy should slide in without much problem and without any force on your part. You may use a bit of lube to make the toy go in smoothly, but you should never push too hard. The toy should fit your urethra by touching your urethral wall gently and without a painful stretch.

A toy that is too thick just cannot fit nicely into your urethra. Your body will simply refuse to take them in unless you use force, and, as said above, you should never do that when using urethral toys. Toys that are too thick will be painful and uncomfortable to insert if you manage to pass the urethral opening. They will stretch you forcibly and cause other problems, so it’s clear that they should be avoided.

A toy that is too thin will not only go in without a problem, but it will easily slip down without properly touching your urethral walls, or just touching one side of your urethra and not the other. It can also feel very sharp and almost needle-like. This is very dangerous and you should avoid thin urethral toys like that unless you are very experienced with urethral sounding.

A toy that is “just right” will be easy to insert but you will still be able to feel it against your urethral walls properly. It will fit your urethra without a feeling of stretching.

Additional Tips

  • When you take out your new sound set, it’s best to examine all the sounds to determine which one is the appropriate one for you to use. The same goes for individual sounds, but with these it’s a bit more complex because there is only one sound to use, so it’s important to order the right diameter. Also, keep in mind that some sounds and penis plugs come in only one diameter, so it’s vital to ensure that you have the right one for your needs.
  • Urethral sounding kits contain sounds of many different diameters. Some sounds even have two different diameters on different ends of the same sound. It is generally advisable not to start with the smallest, thinnest sounds in the kit.
  • Keep in mind that the urethral opening is often wider than the urethra itself. If the toy can’t go past the entrance, you may need to use a smaller one.
  • Don’t forget to use plenty of lube! Apply it on the urethral toy and on your penis. Lube will make the experience smoother and more comfortable. However, keep in mind that lube is not a substitute for stretching – if you wish to take larger toys, you need to train your urethra properly before moving to thick urethral toys.
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