Urethral Stretching and Urination

~ Bill 

How does the stretching affect pissing? Once stretched, does the urethra stay stretched

to the max size used or does it shrink down to original diameter over time?

Is there any problem pissing once you have stretched beyond a certain size sound?

No one seems to mention if there are problems once you reach a certain size sounds


I’d like to ask my Dr., but I don’t think he’s understand, if you get my drift.

Urethral Stretching and UrinationIn order to be able to use urethral toys properly, you need to stretch your urethra. Urethral stretching also happens as a result of using urethral toys such as penis plugs and sounds. It is something you need to expect if you want to enjoy urethral play.

Many people are ready for this but do wonder how stretching affects the body. One of the most important things to know about is urethral stretching and urination. How does stretching affect urination and does your urethra stays large forever?

Urethral Stretching and Urination: The Basics

If you want to use urethral toys properly you will need to stretch your urethra. This is unavoidable. Many people claim that this is one of the main things you notice about your body when it comes to the use of urethral toys. Stretching is also an unavoidable consequence of using urethral toys and practicing urethral play.

Beginner users typically welcome urethral stretching enthusiastically, because it means that they will be able to insert urethral toys more easily. It is also a sign that you are moving from a newbie to a user with more experience. One should not think about urethral stretching as a negative thing but it is important to know how it affects the body.

One of the main things that you may wonder about is urination. Urethral stretching and urination is an important topic that you need to understand. It is normal to wonder how urethral play will affect your urination and whether you’d be able to urinate in a usual way or not.

The first thing you need to understand that these things are highly individual. What happens to one person might be different than another person’s experience, so don’t expect fast and hard rules. At the same time, there are some general things you can expect to happen when it comes to urethral stretching and urination. 

Does it Stay Stretched or Does it Shrink?

One of the first things people want to know about urethral stretching and urination is whether the urethra keeps its large size or does it shrink back to its original size. The short answer is that it depends on the individual’s body and the elasticity of the tissue. Some people find that their urethra goes back almost immediately while others experience that their urethra stays large.

Generally speaking, you can expect for your urethra to stay larger for a while if you are a regular at urethral play. If you practice urethral stimulation more rarely, you can expect some shrinkage between sessions. However, this doesn’t tend happen too fast. Many people claim that the urethra starts to shrink only if you don’t practice urethral play for about a year or even more. Of course, in order to get there you need to stretch your urethra first and you need to be a regular at urethral play. Beginner users generally don’t have this problem but again, it depends on the individual.

It is also true that for many users, urethras do not ever completely go to the original size pre-stretching. This is particularly true for people who used to practice extreme forms of urethral stimulation and for a long time. However, this change might not be particularly apparent for many users. In many cases, the urethra can go back to a very smaller size, very close or even identical to the original one. It all depends on your body, how much you wish to stretch, how long you keep toys inside and how long you practice urethral stimulation.

How Does it Affect Urination?

One thing you need to understand about urethral stretching and urination is that your urethra will be larger (wider) but that the pee hole itself will not be as wide as the rest of the urethra. The meatus (pee hole) will remain smaller than the main parts of the urethra so you can’t use it to judge the whole situation. At the same time, the pee hole tends to enlarge with stretching, though in different ways.

A wider urethra and a bigger pee hole means that urine can pass more quickly and with a sider flow. This is something you can expect when it comes to urethral stretching and urination. Many people also notice a change in the force or urination. However, these changes do not typically affect urination in a significant way, though you might need some minor adjustments and learning how to pee properly after you stretch your urethra. At the same time, many people claim that this stretching doesn’t affect urination as much as certain penis piercings so this is also important to remember.

A bit of a different situation can happen with those who want to stretch to extreme diameters but again, a lot depends on the person. Since there are not as many people who do these extreme stretching, it is difficult to come with a general conclusion. Chances are that you will be able to urinate but you might need more adjustments. It is important to do any stretching gradually so you can get used to changes as you go along. Also, keep in mind that most people don’t need to stretch their urethra to extreme sizes in order to enjoy urethral play.

What About a Doctor?

One more thing: it is understandable to feel strange about talking to your regular doctor. Many doctors do not even want to hear about things such as urethral play, or talk about these sexual practices as harmful. This is why it is so useful to locate a kink-friendly doctor you can talk to. This can be an incredibly difficult thing to achieve because it is not easy to find such a doctor. However, the effort can be worth it. It is very helpful to have a medical professional who can help you with urethral play and who can advise you how to stay safe during urethral stimulation. This is why you might want to consider searching for a kink-friendly doctor in your area.

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  1. I have this sound and love it! It feels amazing when inserting it in mu urethra! It is one of my favorite sounds. The ribbing feels great. I often insert, then pull out and insert again! Wow!

  2. Stretching the urethra is fun! It takes time and patience! I have stretched my urethra quite a bit and still stretching! It feel great. Try it!

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