Urethral sounds vs Urethral dilators vs Penis plugs

urethral sounding toysThere are many great urethral toys you can use to enjoy urethral stimulation. Beginner users often experience confusion about the best urethral toys. Certain toys have several names so it’s often unclear which one is the best.

It is important to say that all high-quality, well-crafted urethral toys are good. They are safe to use as long as you follow safety guidelines. However, before you even attempt urethral stimulation it’s best to consult a kink-friendly doctor to make sure that it is safe for you to practice urethral play.

Urethral Sounds vs Urethral Dilators vs Penis Plugs: Overview

Urethral sounds, penis plugs and urethral dilators are the most common names for urethral toys. Newbies are often confused about it. While there are many similarities between various types of urethral toys there are also some major differences. It is important to know these similarities and differences in order to be able to choose the best toys for yourself.

Here are the main urethral toys and how to recognize them:

  • Urethral Sounds are modeled after real instruments doctors use for examinations. They are typically long and smooth. They come in several standard types (Hegar, Pratt, Van Buren and several others). They often come in kits (collection of 6-10 sounds). You will typically recognize urethral sounds by their length.
  • Penis Plugs are popular urethral toys. They come in many different shapes and sizes. There are many short penis plugs so they are great for beginners. Some penis plugs comes with glans rings. Other penis plugs have bumps and waves for additional stimulation during use. You will typically recognize penis plugs by their shorter size and presence of a texture (bumps, beads, waves) or presence of a glans ring. However, keep in mind that there are penis plugs that are very long, as long as penis sounds.
  • Urethral Dilators is often the other name for urethral sounds. However, some people consider urethral dilators to be special toys people use to stretch or train their urethra. Before the person is able to take larger toys they need to dilate their urethra. There are special toys for this. These dilators stretch the urethra gradually and without pain. So, the name “urethral dilator” can refer to these stretchers or is just another name for urethral sounds. You will typically recognize stretchers and trainers by their body: they have sections of different thickness.

Which Toys to Use?

Urethral Sounds vs Urethral Dilators vs Penis Plugs: which toys are the best to use? This will depend on your experience level and what you actually wish to achieve. Certain toys are more intense than the others and some people prefer them. Others want to use light urethral toys for just a bit of stimulation.

A lot will also depend on your experience level. Beginner users should not use long or thick toys because they can cause pain, injuries or overstretching. On the other hand, beginners should stay away from toys that are too thin because they can be sharp and difficult to control.

Many beginners opt to start with tiny penis plugs. These are non-intimidating toys that rarely hurt or cause problems. They are ideal for newbies who are only starting with urethral stimulation. However, some people prefer to start with urethral sounds straight away. If you wish to do this you need to start with a urethral sound that is safe for beginners.

When it comes to urethral dilators (stretchers and trainers) you should use them if you want to stretch your urethra to become wider. Once it is stretched you will be able to insert thicker and bigger toys.

As you can see, all urethral toys have their use and many satisfied people who enjoy them. Your choice of a toy will depend on your experience level, desired effect and some other factors. Most people who are fans of urethral stimulation have more than one type of urethral toy. Having different urethral toys gives you variety and many sensations you can experience.

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