Urethral Sounding into the Bladder with a Thru Hole Sound

Urethral sounding can be very deep and go all the way to the bladder. While this is an extreme form of urethral stimulation it is possible to do. Keep in mind that this is not an activity for everyone so it is best only for users with most experience to attempt something like this. In fact, not even all people with lots of experience will want to try urethral sounding. After all, this is a very extreme activity so this is something you need to keep in mind.

Toys for Urethral Sounding into the Bladder

Urethral Sounding into the BladderIf you really want to try this extreme form of urethral play, keep in mind that you need proper toys. Urethral sounding into the bladder is a very deep and intense urethral stimulation that is not for everyone. Before you even attempt it make sure that you have plenty of experience with other forms of deep urethral sounding. For example, your urethra needs to be properly stretched and you need to be familiar with prostate sounding. Only after you have plenty experience with this and as long as you really want to try extreme forms of urethral play can you attempt urethral sounding into the bladder.

In order to do this in a safe way it is vital to have proper toys. As usual, it is crucial to use only real urethral toys that are specially designed for deep urethral stimulation. Stay away from any random toys or random items. These are not good for urethral play so you need to avoid them.

Generally speaking, long urethral toys with a curve work best for deep urethral stimulation, including urethral sounding into the bladder. There are some urethral sounds made especially for deep urethral play so you can use them. These toys have a curve that follows a natural curve in your urethra so it can slide in more comfortably and reach the goal easily.

The most common type of urethral sounds for deep urethral stimulation are Van Buren sounds. These have a curve that fit your urethra and can reach very deep, all the way to the prostate and even bladder.

A more extreme option are Guyon sounds. These sounds have a very pronounced curve and are shaped as question marks or hooks. These are ideal for very intense, extreme urethral play so they are best for those who appreciate very strong sensations.

However, these are not the only options of urethral toys. In fact, there are some straight sounds or other long urethral toys you can use for urethral sounding into the bladder.

Thru Hole Sound for Deep Urethral Stimulation

Thru hole sounds and other urethral toys are hollow. This is a good advantage for those who wish to wear their urethral toys for long periods of time. Since these toys have a hole, they allow for all fluids to pass through without taking the toy off. It means that you can urinate and ejaculate while wearing your urethral toy.

Most of the thru hole toys are penis plugs but there are some hollow sounds you can use for deep urethral stimulation. Penis plugs are generally smaller and shorter toys so they can’t reach the bladder. On the other hand, these toys are great for those who wish to wear their urethral toys for long periods of time.

Cum thru hole sounds are longer than penis plugs so they can reach very deep into the urethra. They are good for those who wish to try extreme forms of urethral play. Just like hollow penis plugs, these sounds allow for urinating and ejaculating without taking the toy off. This can produce many interesting effects and can be very exciting.

However, keep in mind that these extra-long toys that are good for urethral sounding into the bladder are too big for long-term wear. Chances are that they are too intense and uncomfortable to wear in everyday situations or for many hours. Because of this, it is best to remove them after sounding and to let your body recover before using another urethral toy again. Alternatively, you may try using shorter urethral toys for long term wear. Penis plugs are ideal for this because they are comfortable and safe for long-term wear.

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  1. Craig & Russ,
    I am very interested in the Guyon sounds. However, I would like to find them in the hollow version. I saw a how to video on them where the user placed in into his bladder, then screwed the top onto the end of the sound before letting it go all the way into his penis. That is exactly where I want to be. I have modified several of my sounds with a curve so far to accomplish deep bladder sounding, and was quite pleased with the outcome. I feel now that the Guyon hollow sound is my next step. T Can you look into this and get back to me with specs (sizes, length & gauge) and pricing for a set? Thanks, Ken

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