Urethral Sounding Beginners’ Size

When you choose to start with urethral stimulation it is crucial to choose the right toys. Your sounds and other toys should be of an appropriate size for your experience level. This is the only way to achieve safety and satisfaction with your urethral toys.

It is particularly important for beginner users to choose urethral toys of the appropriate size. This is why many people wonder about the exact urethral sounding beginners’ size to use.

What is a Safe Urethral Sounding Beginners’ Size?

It is not easy to tell what a safe urethral sounding beginners’ size is. It is because all people are individuals with slightly different anatomy so what works for one person might not work for the other. However, there are some things you need to know that will help you choose an appropriate beginners’ toy for yourself.

As a general rule, a urethral toy should be the same size as your urethra when it comes to the diameter. In other words, your toys should have a diameter identical or very close to the diameter of your urethra. Toys that are too thick will hurt and overstretch your urethra, which can lead to pain, tears in tissue and other problems. Toys that are too thin, on the other hand, can simply slide into the urethra quickly and puncture sensitive tissue. This can lead to numerous very serious problems.

For these reasons, it is vital to only use toys that are about the same size (diameter) as your urethra. However, it is not always easy to tell how big (wide) your urethra is, especially if you are a beginner and still unfamiliar with urethral stimulation.

How Wide is the Urethra?

Since your urethral sounding beginners’ size should match the diameter of your urethra, it is very important to know how wide the urethra is. Keep in mind that it is almost impossible to know this before you try, so you need to work with some educated guesses.

Your starting point is the average size of the male urethra. Generally speaking, the external meatus (pee hole) is about 6 to 8mm in size. However, it appears much thinner, almost like a slit, so it may seem like your urethral opening is extra small. The good news is that this is not the case but you still need to manage to insert the urethral toy past the meatus.

Keep in mind that the meatus tends to be a bit smaller than the rest of the urethra. The portion of the urethra immediately behind the pee hole is about 8 mm in diameter. Many people have even bigger urethra, about 10 mm. However, there are many people who have urethra that is only 6 mm in diameter.

Since the most of the urethral toy goes inside of the urethra and not the pee hole, using a toys that is as wide as your whole urethra might prove to be too overwhelming for the meatus. This is why going beyond the meatus is often the first obstacle you need to overcome in order to enjoy urethral play.

The Sizes of Urethral Toys

Most beginner users should start with urethral toys that are about 6 mm in diameter and see how they feel. If there is too much of resistance, the toys might be too big. If the toy slides in easily, it is a sign that you need a thicker one.

Keep in mind that these numbers are just estimates. You need to try it slowly to see how it feels. Never rush things out and never assume that a particular urethral toy is good for you. Remember, urethral play brings numerous risks and you need to do everything you can to stay safe. This includes choosing toys carefully and slow experimentation until you find the ideal urethral sounding beginners’ size for yourself.

Another useful information: you may use the French catheter scale to determine the size of your urethra. These French units (Fr) refer to the outside diameter of catheters. The size of your urethra and urethral toys is French units is roughly the same as the circumference of the catheter (and urethra) in millimeters. When you have this in mind, remember that 14 to 16 French size (Fr) is what is good for most adults. These are the sizes of most urethras that are not stretched and the sizes of the safe urethral sounding beginners’ size that will work for most people.

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