Urethral Sound Sharing

Urethral Sound SharingUrethral sounding can be a very fun activity for couples who want to try something new. There are also many couples who like to practice urethral play because of a fetish or simply because they adore this type of sexual stimulation.

Many times, only one person is the one receiving the urethral toys while the other person is the one doing the sounding. But what happens if both people enjoy the feeling of urethral stimulation? What are rules for urethral sound sharing?

Is Urethral Sound Sharing Dangerous?

The first thing people need to ask about mutual urethral play is the safety. Is urethral sound sharing dangerous? Sometimes, things happen in the heat of the moment and you may be unprepared for what’s happening. This is why it is so important to figure out everything before the start of your urethral play and stick to the safety guidelines.

Generally speaking, urethral sound sharing is not a good idea. It is not safe to insert a sound or another urethral toy right after your partner. This is the same rules as sharing sex toys: this is not a smart idea. This opens up many risks for infections and other problems. Not to mention that urethral sound sharing is not a safe sex practice. This is definitely not something you should try, even if you are in a long-term, loving monogamous relationship with your partner.

The excitement of the game may be overwhelming but you need to remember that it is very dangerous to use any sex toy right after your partner. Urethral sound sharing is definitely a bad idea so you should not even try. If you want to enjoy a mutual sounding experience it is important that both people have their own urethral toys. This is the best way to avoid infections and other problems.

How to Share Toys Safely?

If you really want to share your urethral toys, there are ways to make this experience safe. Urethral sound sharing can happen only if toys are fully sterilized before you share them. It means that when one person finishes with a toy it needs to go through sterilization before it is safe for another person to use it.

Keep in mind that sterilization means more than simply rubbing a sound with alcohol. Ideally, you will need to autoclave it, but most people don’t have an autoclave in their home. For this reason, you may want to sterilize your urethral sounds and other metal toys by boiling them in water. While this is not the perfect method it does provide better results than simple washing with water or alcohol.

It is important to do this even if you are the only one using a toy. This becomes even more important if you and your partner want to engage in urethral sound sharing. While it might not be as fun as using the same toy right after one another or using the toy at the same time, it does allow you to share a urethral toy in a safe way. Remember, infections and other problems are a serious thing and you need to do everything you can to avoid these issues during your urethral play.

Happy sounding!

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