Urethral Play: Finger vs. Toys

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Strange that nowhere is finger insertion mentioned as a MUCH more fun alternative to external toys. Mostly, a woman’s little finger is slim enough to do the job. And they love helping pleasure you this way.

fingering-penisUrethral play: finger vs. toys is a somewhat common dilemma for many people who wish to try this type of stimulation. It goes both for couples who wish to explore urethral stimulation together and for men who like to try it on their own. It is undeniable that both of these forms of play seem exciting. It is also important to keep safety in mind. While each person has their own approach to urethral play it is also vital to keep yourself and your partners safe during the play.

This is something you should never forget about, even if you are into hardcore kink and painful pleasures.

Why Not Use Fingers?

First things first: it is undeniable that many people use fingers for their urethral play. This is particularly common among people who are only starting out with urethral stimulation. Fingers are easy to use and small enough not to be overwhelming. So there are many people who being their urethral exploration with their pinky fingers.

There is nothing wrong about it in itself, especially if you are careful and use plenty of lube. In fact, this is the most common way in which people discover whether they like urethral stimulation or not. Many people learn that they are into this type of play by experimenting with their fingers or have their partner insert a finger into their urethra.

However, it is also important to note that this form of urethral play is not particularly safe. A major problem with fingers is that it is difficult to keep them completely sterile. Which means risking urinary tract infections and other problems.

Another issue is that, even with short fingernails, fingers can have edges that can hurt the urethra or will move in ways that is not safe. Finally, fingers are simply too short for those who wish to try deep or intense urethral stimulation. Which is why many people who like this type of play use urethral sounds and other longer urethral toys.

The truth is, fingers are simply not designed for this purpose. Urethral toys, on the other hand, are there to do exactly what you want them to do: provide safe yet exciting urethral stimulation experience. This is why they are much more reliable and popular than fingers.

The Dilemma of Urethral Play: Fingers vs. Toys

For many people dealing with the dilemma of urethral play: fingers vs toys, it is important to understand how to protect yourself and make the play safe and injury-free. While this is not the most fun aspect of urethral stimulation, it is definitely something that you need to think about. In order to prevent problems and possible negative effects of urethral play, it is vital to think about it even before you start experimenting. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to do it alone or with a partner: you need to be careful!

As noted above, urethral play can be much safer with proper urethral toys. Fingers are good for teasing but they are not specifically designed for this purpose. Even with properly trimmed nails, injuries can happen. Of course, injuries can happen with urethral sounds, too, especially the big ones. But the point of using urethral toys is to have things inserted in your penis that are specially designed for this purpose. This thing alone provides some level of safety.

Another important advantage that urethral toys have over fingers is that you can properly sterilize them. This keeps urinary tract infections away and minimizes the risks of other problems. If you wish to do serous urethral stimulation it is always important to use proper urethral toys. Fingers just won’t do. Even worse, stay away from any random objects or household items. When it comes to urethral play and safety, it is crucial to stick to proper urethral toys that are made for this purpose.

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