Urethral Intercourse: Dangerous or Not?

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I am very curious about this. I want to try. We have seen videos where a man’s penis was inside a woman’s urethra. Is that safe with the proper stretching? If he came would I get an infection? I’m extremely curious. Please get back to me. 

Urethral IntercourseThere is a surprising number of people who wonder about the urethral intercourse. These are the people who wish to take urethral stimulation to a completely new level. Rather than using urethral toys to satisfy themselves or their partner they wish to try a full urethral intercourse. It typically involves a man’s penis inside a woman’s urethra, though there are some variations to this. Is such an intercourse possible? Is it safe? How to avoid dangers when experimenting with urethral intercourse? These are just some of the questions people wonder about.

Is Urethral Intercourse Possible?

Yes, urethral intercourse is possible to achieve, though most couples need to work hard toward achieving this goal. It is possible to stretch a woman’s urethra enough to accept a penis so this sort of penetration is possible. For most people, it will not be painful though some women experience certain discomfort. Other women find this sort of intercourse highly arousing and pleasurable.

In order to achieve urethral intercourse it is important to go very slowly. It is crucial that your urethra is properly stretched before your partner attempts penetration. While some couples like to practice urethral penetration with a penis, it is much safer and better to do urethral stretching with a toy. There are many urethral toys that are specially designed for urethral training and stretching. This way you can enlarge your urethra in a safe and comfortable manner.

Once you feel that your urethra is sufficiently stretched, you may start experimenting with urethral penetration. Make sure to use plenty of lube and to go very slowly. Remember, this is not something you can do in one go. While there are couples who can achieve urethral intercourse on their first try don’t be discouraged if this doesn’t happen to you. It is always important to be patient and to go slowly until you achieve your goal.

How to Stay Safe

The most important thing to remember is to go slowly and to have a lot of patience. Urethral intercourse is not something you want to force or rush out. Make sure to use plenty of lube so your experience is smooth and without pain.

As you probably know, female urethra is much shorter than a male urethra so this is something to keep in mind. Your partner needs to know that he shouldn’t push too far, particularly if it causes discomfort and pain for you. Also, it is important to try various positions until you find the one that makes the urethral intercourse easy and pleasurable.

So, in order to prevent injuries, discomfort and other issues, it is important to go slowly and use plenty of lube. Remember, this might not happen in one go so you need to be patient and willing to practice. Over time your body will adjust to the feeling of urethral penetration so you will start to enjoy it more.

If at any point you feel sharp pain, prolonged discomfort, bleeding, swelling, numbness or any other warning sign make sure to consult your doctor immediately. The same goes if you notice significant burning while urinating. While some burning is normal after urethral intercourse it shouldn’t be strong and it should go away within a few hours (or the next morning the latest).

Can a Man Ejaculate During Urethral Intercourse?

What about ejaculation? As you probably know, one of the main risks of urethral stimulation is a urinary tract infection. While semen is not dirty in itself, there is some risk that it might cause irritation to your urethra. However, the main risk of urinary tract infections comes from possible dirt and bacteria present on the penis or around the urethral opening. These bacteria can get pushed deep inside the urethra during intercourse and cause urinary tract infection.

Because of this, it is important to have proper hygiene and to clean both partners’ genitalia before the intercourse. It might also help to restrain from ejaculation, at least at first. After each urethral intercourse make sure to urinate in order to expel any potential dirt and bacteria from your urethra.

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  1. Can urethral intercourse be pleasurable for guys? Should we wear a condom?

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