What if Urethra won’t Stretch Anymore?

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Hey there ok I’ve started the process of training and really enjoying it and even got to stimulate the opening to my prostrate wow it’s amazing I have reached 8mm but having really difficulties in going to 9mm obviously getting a lot of stinging and some pain so I return to my 8mm and enjoy my experience with playing. I have used lots of lube and even sniffed the poppers to relax a bit more but is the same when erect and flaccid any advice will be very much appreciated many thanks.

Urethra won’t Stretch AnymoreThere are many men who are in the process of urethral training who feel like they are reaching their limit before their urethra is as wide as they want it to be. It can be very frustrating, especially if you had so much luck before and if you managed to stretch easily to a specific size. But suddenly it feels like your urethra won’t stretch anymore. What to do in this situation.

Well, first of all: relax. These things can’t happen if you use a force. You need to be gentle and patient. The last thing your body needs is to try to force something in it. This is why you need to be as calm as possible and take your time with stretching, even if it seems like it takes ages without much change.

Reasons Why Urethra Won’t Stretch Anymore

To understand why your urethra won’t stretch anymore, you need to take into account several common reasons. In some cases, there is more than one reason why someone’s urethra stops stretching at a specific point.

Here are the common reasons why urethra won’t stretch anymore:

  • Your anatomy. Maybe you simply reached your limit for stretching. At 8mm or 9mm it doesn’t seem likely, but it’s possible. Remember, not all people can stretch urethra in equal measure and that is okay. Even if this is your limit, there is no reason to be sad. There is a lot of fun to be had even with 8mm urethral toys. This is particularly true if you know how to perform deep urethral stimulation.
  • Your toys. Sometimes, people don’t use the right toys to stretch their urethra. Many people choose to stretch with regular urethral toys but it is always best to do this with specialized urethral stretchers and trainers.
  • Inadequate amount of lube. With stretching, lube is your friend. Always make sure to use enough lube. Also, don’t forget to re-lube your toys and your penis regularly. It is also important to use only sterile lube such as SurgiLube for all your urethral stimulation to avoid urinary tract infections and other problems.

How to Stretch More?

Now that you know the potential reasons why your urethra won’t stretch anymore, there are some things you can do to overcome this problem. However, keep in mind that a success is not guaranteed. Sometimes, people simply reach their limit and that is okay.

Here are some things you can do to try to stretch your urethra further:

  • Take a break. It may sound counter-productive but it actually helps in a lot of cases. You need to give your body some time to recover. For this reason, try not to stretch if for a while. Keep using regular toys you are comfortable with but don’t attempt to use bigger toys. Allow your urethra time to relax and recover from previous stretching attempts.
  • Be patient. This is always easier said than done but it’s important to approach stretching with patience. This is a process that can last for months or even more. Never try to rush things out. If it goes very slowly it might be frustrating but that is the only way to go.
  • Never force a toy inside. This is one of the worst mistakes you can take. When you feel burning and discomfort, it is a sign that you should stop and try again later. The more you try with force the worse it will get. You will just hurt your urethra, which will make it even more difficult to stretch further. This is why it’s so important to go slowly and gently.
  • Try a different toy. A change of a toy might help a lot. If you aren’t using special urethral stretchers, try one. It might work much better for you. Or you may find out that another urethral toy feels better for stretching than the original one. Keep experimenting until you find a perfect stretching toy that will allow you to overcome this barrier. However, remember to go slowly and without force: this is the only way to have good results with urethral play.

Happy urethral stretching!

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