Urethra Masturbation

Urethra MasturbationWhat is urethra masturbation? The idea of stimulating your urethra for erotic purposes is not new, and it’s more common than many people may think. Still, it is undeniable that this form of sexual activity is not well-known among the general public. For these reasons, there are many people who are intrigued by this activity but do not really know what it includes and how it can be performed.

Urethra Masturbation Basics

In essence, urethra masturbation (or urethral masturbation) is an activity of stimulating one’s urethra. Since “masturbation” usually means “solo time”, urethra masturbation is typically understood as an activity of pleasuring yourself using the urethra. However, it is also important to note that it’s possible to be masturbated by another person and to have the other person perform the stimulation.

What some people find confusing (and intriguing) is how to stimulate the urethra and how to make it pleasurable. For many people, urethra is not a body part typically associated with sexual pleasure. This is a canal inside the body used to pass the urine and semen. While ejaculation of semen is more than pleasurable and arousing, most men associate the orgasmic feeling with direct penis stimulation and not the urethra.

So, does stimulating the urethra itself brings pleasure? If may be surprising for some, but yes, it can be very pleasurable. Both men and women can, and do, enjoy urethra masturbation. This is a hidden orifice than it not typically used for sexual stimulation but it doesn’t mean that it cannot bring pleasure. Of course, it all depends on the person. Some people do not find urethral massage pleasurable or arousing and this is ok. However, for so many people, this is a very arousing activity so if you are intrigued about the idea of urethra masturbation you need to know you’re not alone. It is, in fact, possible to achieve sexual stimulation in this way and to even have very powerful orgasms.

For so many people, this is a hidden erogenous zone that is not used enough, so if you wish to experiment with your urethra, you need to know you are not alone. You may find out that this form of masturbation is highly arousing and pleasurable. Many people choose to use it as an aid during masturbation (stimulating the urethra along with other parts of genitalia), while for some people this is the main and the best form of masturbation.

Whatever your case may be, you need to know that yes, it is possible to perform this type of stimulation to a great success and pleasure.

Another question you may have about this type of masturbation is: how to reach the urethra? The pee hole seems so small and the urethra itself is hidden inside the penis (or inside the body for women). So, how to reach this sensitive erogenous zone?

The answer is very simple: you need to use specialized toys, called urethral toys and insert them into your urethra. This is what urethra masturbation is all about. Having a toy inside the urethra is very arousing feeling for many people and, coupled with other types of genital stimulation, it can lead to very powerful, explosive orgasms.

Is it Safe?

Many people wonder if this type of activity is safe. The question of risks and safety requires its own post, but here it’s important to say that yes, this sort of masturbation does bring certain risks and dangers. However, it is possible to perform urethral play safely, as long as you follow safety guidelines and as long as you use appropriate toys (as the opposite of random objects) for your urethra masturbation.

One of the main sources of dangers is to use random household objects and unsanitary devices for urethral masturbation. This is very dangerous and can lead to urinary tract infections, injuries and other problems. There is a reason why special urethral toys exist, so you should always use them, and only them, for your urethra masturbation.

These toys are specially designed for urethral use. Many are modeled after real toys used for urethral exams, which is very arousing for people with a medical fetish. Other urethral toys have additions but the design is made for urethral use. Also, these toys are made to be body-friendly and thus safe for this type of stimulation.

The best urethral toys are made of Surgical Steel. This is a body-friendly material that is very smooth so it ensures comfort. Don’t be intimidated by the weight of these toys or the fact they are very sturdy – this is a very good material and metal urethral toys are the best ones when it comes to experience and safety. They are also easy to clean and they can be fully sterilized so they offer numerous benefits for all people who wish to engage in safe and enjoyable urethra masturbation.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is to choose an appropriate toy of the right size (both big and too thin toys are bad, but for different reasons – big ones stretch you too much while the thin ones can get lost inside and can be very dangerous because they are sharp and can cause injuries).

Another thing to keep in mind is that the insertion of the toy has to be done carefully. You need to use plenty of lube and apply it generously on both the toy and the tip of the penis. Make sure to press the toy gently on the urethral opening and to let your toy accept the toy. You may need to make a gentle movement forward but do not push the toy or cause too much force or else you will damage your urethra and cause stretching and other problems. Keep in mind that the urethra is actually bigger than it seems so it should be able to accommodate penis plugs and urethral sounds, as long as you go slowly and have a lot of patience.

If you wish to take bigger toys you will need to gradually train your urethra and stretch it to become bigger. This process should not be rushed – go one step at a time. It will require numerous sessions to get there so be prepared that this process can take some time.

The same can be said about inserting the toy for the first time. Make sure you are relaxed and that you have plenty of time. Try to insert the tip of the toy first and then make a gentle movement to insert the toy past the opening. In many cases, it will simply slip down for an inch or two. If this happens, it’s a great beginning. If not, do not be discouraged: keep trying unless it causes discomfort, but after a while it’s best to stop and try again at another time. Keep in mind that urethral play is a process and it requires a lot of patience and practice. You will get there eventually but you should never rush things out!

Popular Forms of Urethra Masturbation

Thin Urethral ToysOnce you are familiar with basics of urethral masturbation and once you know how to insert a toy comfortably inside the urethra, you may start experimenting to see what feels the best. Remember, it’s important to go slowly and gently as much as you are aroused, because this is the only way to achieve safety.

However, there are many different ways you can go once you have the toy inside your urethra so you may experiment to see what feels the best and what is fun enough to try again.

While each person is individual and has individual preferences, here are some of the most common forms of urethral masturbation you may want to try:

Toy Insertion. For many men, simply inserting the urethral toy is arousing enough. The feeling of a toy gently stretching the urethra and filling you up is very sensual and pleasurable. For men who like this sensation simply inserting the toy might be enough. These men can achieve pleasure and satisfaction by inserting the toy inside urethra and then masturbating in a usual way (by stroking the penis and other erogenous zones). While this may seem simple, it is very effective and powerful. This is because the urethra itself is a sensitive erogenous zone on itself and simply having a toy inserted into it is pleasurable and arousing. In other words, you don’t need anything special once the toy is inserted to get aroused. Simply continue masturbating in your usual way and see how urethral toy enhances the experience.

In & Out Sounding. This is another popular option, but it requires some skill and experience. “In and out” sounding means moving the urethral toy up and down the urethra during use. It resembles penetration in some ways and it can be very exciting and powerful. Many people prefer this type of stimulation and choose urethral toys that are textured so they can provide additional stimulation during use. This is a very arousing form or urethral stimulation but it’s also more risky, so you need to be experienced enough and very careful. Whatever you do, make sure to move the toy up and down just a bit. Never attempt to fully remove the toy and to put it back quickly – this is a recipe for trouble. Instead of long strokes, make sure to use short, slow movements and see how they feel. This type of massage can be very arousing and pleasurable, but also puts additional pressure on the urethra so make sure to use even more lube than for usual toy insertion.

Deep Urethral Stimulation. More experienced users may take it one step further and attempt deep urethral stimulation. This urethral play is defined as one where the toy is inserted deeper than the base of the penis. Not all toys are long enough for this, so it’s important to use a special toy that can reach deep inside the urethra. There are several types of urethral sounds that can achieve this. These long toys can be used for deep urethral stimulation that can be used to massage prostate or even the bladder. However, deep urethral stimulation is an activity reserved for experienced users who know what they’re doing. You need to be familiar with urethral toys and to be very experienced with urethra masturbation before you attempt this.

Removing the Toy During Orgasm. Some people find very arousing to remove the toy during orgasm. This can make the orgasm more powerful and stronger. It is particularly great for men, who tend to have very explosive orgasms this way. In this sense, the urethral toy plays a role similar to anal beads, which are best to be removed from the anus during orgasm to enhance the experience. If you wish to try this with urethral toys, make sure to choose a toy that can safely be removed while the penis is still erect. Keep in mind that many urethral toys (such as urethral sounds with a curve) cannot be safely inserted and removed while the penis is erect. Do not attempt to remove these toys during orgasm because it can lead to numerous injuries and other dangerous problems.

Add Some Vibration. Perhaps the best way to enhance your urethral play is to add some vibration to it. There are specialized urethral toys with a built-in vibrating functions that can truly enhance the masturbation and bring the pleasure to a new level. Also, you may try other specialized urethral toys made for additional stimulation during use (textured urethral toys work great and can bring many new sensations).

Using Other Toys. Another way to engage in urethral masturbation is to use urethral toys in a combination with other types of sex toys. For example, you may use a dildo or a vibrating egg to stimulate other erogenous zones. Or you may use a toy such as a Tuning Fork to enhance the experience and add something extra to the feeling and your urethral play.

Having Sex with a Toy Inside. Depending on the size and shape of your urethral toy, it may be possible to engage in a sexual intercourse with the toy inside. This is not really masturbation, but it’s one of the possible ways to engage in sexual play with a urethral toy inserted. However, keep in mind that many toys may have sharp tips that can hurt your partner so it’s important to consult an expert on particular toys to find out if they are safe for this type of activity.

Electro Stimulation. This is a more extreme form of urethral play and is best done with a partner. It involves using electrical current on the genitalia for the purpose of sexual arousal. Electrostimulation can be done alone or in a combination with urethral masturbation. However, it is very important to use only electrical devices specially made for sexual use. It is dangerous to use any other advice. Another possibility is to use a specially designed urethral toy with an added electro sex functionality. If you wish to use electrostimulation in addition to urethral stimulation you need to read the device’s manual carefully and to consult your doctor to know if it’s safe for you to engage in this type of activity. Never attempt this form of stimulation unless you are familiar with all the risks and dangers of this activity!

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