How to Tell that Your Urethra is Stretched Properly

How to Tell that Your Urethra is Stretched ProperlyHow to tell that your urethra is stretched properly? Many people who wish to enjoy urethral play to the fullest wonder about how to stretch their urethra properly. It is important that your urethra is trained and stretched before you attempt to accommodate larger toys and engage in deep urethral stimulation. This is something most fans of urethral stimulation know.

However, what is less clear is how to recognize that your urethra is stretched properly. How do you know you are ready for larger toys? It is not always easy to answer this question since each person is individual and there are no rules that will apply to everyone. This is something you need to understand about any urethral play advice or tips.

That being said, there are some things to take into account that can help you check whether your urethra is stretched properly or not.

Proper Stretching Procedure

First things first: your urethra cannot be stretched properly if you don’t actually make an effort to stretch it. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s true. Many men don’t really understand that urethral stretching and training is a process. You cannot complete this in one session, and this doesn’t happen overnight.

While some men have a naturally wide and easily stretchable urethra, and while some men can train their urethra quickly, you need to understand that this doesn’t happen to everyone. Stretching your urethra is a process that should not be rushed. In other words, the only way to train your urethra properly is to spend time and effort into stretching. Furthermore, you need to be patient – never rush things out or else you are risking injuries and other problems. You need to go slowly and carefully. Whatever you do, it is vital to ensure safety during ball stretching.

It means using plenty of lube and proper training devices. While you may stretch your urethra with regular toys, the best way to train your urethra is to do it gradually by using special training toys called urethral stretchers.

Here are some of the recommended urethral stretchers and trainers: Smooth Training Stretcher, Tapered Urethral Stretcher Male Vibrator, Devil’s Pitchfork Urethral Stretcher, Graduation Stretcher, Urethral Stretcher Spike with Through Hole, Urethra Training Wand, Vibrating Urethral Stepper.

Signs that Your Urethra is Stretched Properly

Here are the main signs that your urethra is stretched properly. Again, keep in mind that each person is an individual and this advice does not apply to everyone. However, these are some of the telling signs that you are doing a good job at stretching your urethra:

  • You are dedicated: you take time and effort, and you are careful not to hurt yourself during stretching. You use special stretchers or smooth urethral toys that will not hurt you. You never use toys that are too thin nor too thick for your urethra.
  • When using urethral stretchers, you notice you can insert the toy more easily than in the beginning, even the thicker segments of the toy.
  • The toy slides in more easily than in the beginning.
  • You can move to the next sound size in the kit without discomfort.
  • You can use a bit less lube without causing discomfort. (Note that you should always use lube to ensure safety, but once you are properly stretched less lube is necessary).
  • The toy slides deeper into the urethra without any intervention on your side.
  • It is not uncomfortable to gently move a toy up and down the urethra.
  • Urethral sounding feels more pleasurable and comfortable.
  • It takes less time to insert the toy.
  • You can accommodate more complex and larger toys than before.
  • You can move from beginner sounds to intermediate ones.
  • You start to develop your own sounding routine. You know what you like and how you want urethral play to go. It means you are gaining experience and that you are more familiar with urethral toys.
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Craig Rutledge is a staff writer for TheChainGang. His main interests include sex toys for men, particularly urethral sounds and ball stretchers. He is also a proud owner of numerous body piercings. He says: “I am happy to contribute with my experience and knowledge about various penis toys and stretching devices. There is still so much unknown about things like urethral sounding, ball stretching or male chastity and it needs to change. I will share my experience and advice in order to help men, young and old, to discover these toys and have the best fun”. In addition to writing, Craig also answers questions and provides handy advice for people learning more about extreme sex toys for men.

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  1. You need an increase of 0.5mm about 2-3 months, if you exercise every 2-3 days.
    Faster increases does not make sense, because otherwise scar tissue is formed, which can be stretched badly.

  2. Pressure points in the uterine uterine cavity do not occur because the penis muzzle adapts to the plug. The adjustment is a process which takes about 1-2 weeks. After inserting the plugs, I hold the longitudinal bore at the urine, so that the urine is looking for a way between urethra and plug. The uterine uterine fluid is hydraulically stretched and the mucous membrane is simultaneously rinsed with urine. When I insert a larger plug I let him only a few hours introduced. After that I leave the penis a few days time to recover. After approximately 2 weeks and several repetitions, the plug can stay longer. The meatus urethrae external is then so far stretched that the plug loosely sits and is no longer disturbed or perceived.

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