Unusual Butt Plugs

Unusual Butt PlugsThere are many different butt plug designs you can choose. This is a common male sex toy but there are also many ladies who enjoy high-quality butt plugs. Depending on your experience level and preferences, you may choose soft and flexible anal plugs for sensual feelings or big and massive butt plugs for a more intense experience. Unusual butt plugs are there to provide some new sensations and an intense experience.

These are also excellent couples toys that you can use to have a great time.

What Are Unusual Butt Plugs?

A typical butt plug design is slightly conical, with a tapered tip and a wide base. The tip is smooth yet tapered to make for easy insertion. The body slightly widens on the bottom and the wide base prevents the butt plug from disappearing inside of the anus.

This butt plug design works great. It is not surprising that this design is the most popular for anal plugs. However, this is not the only way that a butt plug can be. There are many unusual butt plugs that vary in design. This difference in design provides for different sensations and often results in added intensity for the wearer. In some cases, anal plugs can even stimulate the wearer’s partner. There are many men and women butt plugs that can accomplish this goal.

Here are some of the unusual butt plugs you can enjoy to experience new sensations. They are ideal for those who like anal stimulation and are looking for something new and intense to satisfy themselves.

Cock Dock Full Access Tunnel Butt Plug

Cock Dock Full Access Tunnel Butt Plug is a soft, flexible butt plug that will enhance sensations for both you and your partner.

Why is it unusual? This flexible butt plug comes with a hole in the middle. It stretches you nicely and it allows your partner to penetrate your anus while you are wearing the butt plug. This provides excellent sensations for both partners. It is one of the very effective female sex toys but of course it works amazing for a guy. The butt plug is ribbed to provide additional stimulation during use. It keeps the anus open and soft for a prolonged anal play.

Ass Anchor Butt Plug

Ass Anchor Butt Plug is an excellent butt plug made for intensity. This is a flexible toy that can provide very deep and arousing sensations.

Why is it unusual? This butt plug opens and closes like a flower. You close the butt plug and insert it into the anus. Once it is inside, it opens up, stretching you and rubbing against your anal walls for the most intensity. This is a great anal toy for those who like more extreme anal plugs.

The Manticore Anal Plug

The Manticore Anal Plug is a super-flexible anal toy that is ideal for intense yet comfortable experience.

Why is it unusual? This is more than just a regular butt plug. This anal toy comes with five beads that will rub nicely against your anal walls. Each of the beads has a pronounced texture made for additional stimulation during use. This is an intense yet flexible anal plug with a strong texture that will make you moan in pleasure.

Gem Set Tadpole Butt Plug

Gem Set Tadpole Butt Plug is one of the most elegant toys in our collection. This super smooth butt plug will provide intensity and a special stylish look.

Why is it unusual? This butt plug comes with a shiny gem on the bottom. The gem sits nicely on the anus when the butt plug is inserted. This creates a very striking effect, particularly for the wearer’s partner. You may choose between three colors for the gem: blue, pink and purple.

Deluxe Locking Anal Butt Plug

Deluxe Locking Anal Butt Plug is an intense toy ideal for the more experienced users. This powerful butt plug is sturdy so it’s super intense and very durable.

Why is it unusual? Unlike a regular butt plug, this one changes its size. Once it is inside the anus it can be opened to a wider diameter. It spreads the anus open wide and to the best intensity. This butt plug comes with a lock so there is no escaping until your partner sets you free.

Art Deco Butt Plug

Art Deco Butt Plug is super elegant, smooth and beautiful. This butt plug is truly a work of art.

Why is it unusual? This butt plug is carefully shaped to hit all the right spots while maintaining a very elegant design. It is ideal for those who appreciate smooth designs and an artistic touch to their sex toys. At the same time, this butt plug is super sensual and intense so it can satisfy even the more demanding users.

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