Tuning Forks for Perfect Sensory Play

Tuning Fork Set

Tuning Fork Set

Tuning Forks are not just for playing music! A carefully-designed set of tuning forks makes a great addition to any sensory play. These forks are specially made to vibrate at a specific frequency when they are struck against another object or a hard surface.

You can imagine all the different sensations you can experience using these forks. Vibrations are sensual, deep and intense and you can use them to heighten pleasure and arousal for you and your partner.

How to Use Forks

There are many different ways to use tuning forks, and the only limit is your imagination. You can simply bang your hand against one to produce vibrations. Then you can place the vibrating fork against your lover’s sensitive spots and watch them enjoy the sensations.

Another great way to use tuning forks is to place them against another metal object that’s inserted into your partner’s body. For example, you can use them to vibrate metal dildos and anal plugs, ball stretchers, cock and ball toys, urethral sounds and penis plugs. You can even use tuning forks to vibrate piercing jewelry.

What to Look For

When choosing a tuning fork for your kinky sessions, pay attention to the way it’s crafted. A good tuning fork is not just made of a sturdy metal material that’s polished to perfection, although that’s definitely something you should look for. It’s also important that a fork is well-tuned.

Even if you want to use it for sensory plan and not music, a tuning fork has to be made in such a way that it vibrates at a specific frequency. This way, it’s possible to achieve many different sensations. A set of well-tuned forks will produce different vibrations and therefore, different feelings during sensory play.

A Tuning Fork Set

When choosing tuning forks for sensual play, it’s best to go with a set. This way, you and your partner will be able to experience many different sensations and vibrations. A good tuning fork set will include at least 4-5 pieces, each with a different vibrating frequency. Typically, largest forks have the smallest vibrating frequency (around 128 hertz) while the smallest ones have the biggest vibrating frequency (around 2084 hertz).

Another good thing to look for are adjustable tuner heads. They are typically used for larger tuning forks. This way, you can easily produce many additional vibrational frequencies by simply positioning the tuner heads.

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