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There are many great sex toys you can try to enhance your solo time or sex with your partner. Out store offers numerous adult toys for both men and women who like to experience additional stimulation and bring pleasure to a new level.

Here are our new sex toys you can enjoy solo or with your partner:

Waterproof Turbo Stroker

new sex toys Waterproof Turbo Stroker is an excellent sex toy for men who like to take masturbation to a new level. This is more than a regular penis toy or masturbation sleeve. It is specially designed to press all the right spots and make you enjoy every stroke. The best of all? This is a full automated toy that only requires one hand to operate it. That’s right: you can finally let your stroker do its job and leave the other hand free to do whatever you want! This Waterproof Turbo Stroker offers 5 ½ inches of insertable length. The soft silicone sleeve has special stimulating nodules for additional pleasure. The sleeve tapers in to provide an amazing, snug yet comfortable grip. The stroker offers 3 different vibration speeds and 3 stroking speeds for different sensations.

Breast Enlargement Airlock System

new sex toysBreast Enlargement Airlock system is a special device ideal for those who are looking for breast enhancement. Great for fetish communities and those who just like to improve their breasts, this system works in many different scenarios. Do you want to make your breasts bigger and enhanced? Try this special airlock system. It comes with two breast cylinder cups, a hand pump with a quick release valve and a t-hose buddy connector. It will pump your boobs quickly and with good comfort. The system is available in 5 different sizes so it will fit most women.

Prostate Massager

new sex toysProstate Massager is a wonderful anal toy ideal for men who wish to make their orgasms super powerful. Remember, the prostate is a very sensitive spot you can reach through careful anal stimulation. It brings amazing pleasure and stronger orgasms so it’s not surprising that so many men enjoy this type of stimulation. While it is possible to rub your or your partner’s prostate with a finger, it feels much more enjoyable and arousing if you use a special toy.This prostate massager is made to hit the P-spot easily and to provide the most comfortable and pleasurable experience.

The toy is angled so it makes a perfect contact with the prostate. It also includes multi-speed vibrations for some additional pleasure. This amazing anal toy is  7 ½ inches long and it’s waterproof so you can have fun anywhere you go. It is a great prostate massager that will make your orgasms stronger than ever before.

Anal Beads

new sex toysAnal Beads are a great anal toy for both men and women who like to enhance anal pleasure. Made of smooth, flexible material, these anal beads are easy to insert and take out. They feel both comfortable and very arousing. The beads come with a special ring on the end for easy retrieving. You can play with these beads by moving them in and out during masturbation or sex. The most arousing way to use anal beads for most people is to take them out during orgasm. This makes the orgasm more explosive and powerful. These anal beads are 11 inches long and consist of beads that go from 10mm to 25mm for the best experience imaginable.

LoveBotz Robo Fuk Deluxe Adjustable Sex Machine

new sex toysLoveBotz Robo Fuk Deluxe Adjustable Sex Machine is a special device that will make all of your wildest dreams come true. This is more than a sex toy: this sex machine will hit all the right spots and make you cum like never before. Are you tired of sloppy lovers? Don’t worry: this sex machine will satisfy you to the fullest. It can go on and on until you are fully satisfied and wet of orgasms. This is a fantastic machine for some steamy solo time when you want to leave your hands free to stimulate other sweet spots.

However, you may also use it with a partner to bring something extra to your love making experience. This sex machine includes 2 attachments for female and male pleasure: a bendable, 8 inch dildo and a internally textured pussy that is almost 11 inches in length. The device has suction cup feet so you can anchor it to any smooth surface without a problem. You can easily adjust the angle of and height of penetration for the best experience imaginable. This amazing sex machine comes with a handy remote so you can get just the type of stimulation you are horny about. It will make you cum over and over again.

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Steve “Holes” Armstong is a staff writer and researcher for TheChainGang. He is a long-term piercing enthusiast who is never tired of discovering new body modifications. In addition to this, he also likes to spend his time experimenting with new ways to find pleasure, which makes him a perfect person to discuss unusual adult toys. He says: “I love piercings and I can’t get enough of them. There is something special about body modifications and altering your looks… Even if it’s just below the belt! I am happy to share my knowledge of extreme piercings and lesser-known sex toys, made for both men and women”. In addition to writing, Steve is also a researcher, always on a lookout for new and exciting things.

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