Train Your Body for Urethral Stimulation

penis insertablesYou may be surprised to learn that urethral toys are relatively simple to use – but you need to know how to go about it. It definitely requires some practice, but the technique is usually not the problem. What beginners fail to understand is that urethral play is a somewhat acquired taste. You may like it right from the start, but it takes some practice to truly enjoy it.

What does it mean? Generally speaking, you will need to prepare your body for this type of stimulation.

Preparing Your Body

If you’ve never had anything inside your urethra, or if you’re only starting out with your experimentation, chances are that you will find urethral play “strange”. Pleasurable and intriguing, yes, but also unusual. This is where “preparing your body” comes in.

The preparation includes several things, and they are broadly divided into two major actions: training your urethra and getting used to the sensation. These actions should not be understood as “phases”, since they overlap. As you train your urethra, you are making your body used to the sensation. It goes hand in hand. However, these two things are not the same, so it’s important to understand both if you wish to enjoy urethral stimulation to the fullest.

Training and Stretching

The first important step toward enjoying urethral stimulation is to train your urethra. What does it mean? It means that your urethra has to be stretched enough to accommodate toys you wish to insert. Most men have tight urethral canals – however, urethra can be stretched relatively easily. That is, if you go slowly and with care. Some men find it easy to stretch their urethra a little without any toys, just by gentle inserting of a pinky finger after a shower. This is also how many men discover they find this type of stimulation arousing.

While this type of experimentation is not problematic on its own, it’s important to keep in mind that you will need special toys to fully stretch your urethra. Also, forcing a finger down your penis is not the safest way to go, though it’s definitely not the most dangerous, either. Fingers are short, however, and they cannot train urethra properly. To really stretch your urethra you will need to use a special training toy. These urethral toys are small, smooth and specially designed to stretch your urethra so it can accommodate larger toys.

There are penis plug stretchers ideal for beginners who wish to try this type of stimulation for the first time. There are also urethral sounds made for stretching, but this is usually a more advanced step, once you wish to move from basic urethral stimulation to deep urethral stimulation. You may also opt to use special stretcher toys made for this purpose.

Whatever you do, keep in mind that stretching is not an optional step – it is a must. You need to go through this and you need to go slowly. This is the only way to enjoy urethral stimulation in a safe and secure way. Luckily, stretching is pleasurable and it goes hand in hand with experimenting and arousal, so you should not have a problem with it. Keep in mind, however: patience is the key. Never force anything down your penis if you feel resistance, pain or discomfort.

Getting Used to the Feeling

Another thing you need to achieve before you enjoy urethral stimulation to the fullest is to get used to the feeling. You are obviously intrigued and attracted to this type of stimulation if you wish to explore it further, so it’s a good first step.

Keep in mind, however, that once you start experimenting with trainer toys and stretchers, you will encounter true urethral stimulation. The sensation it gives may seem “strange” at first, maybe even unpleasant. While you should never force a toy if it causes discomfort or pain, you need to learn how to differentiate between these bad feelings from a regular sensation given by urethral stimulation. Some of it will be very pleasurable right from the start, while others will require some adjustment. Just keep going if this is something that arouses you and you will get used to the feeling so much you will start craving for more.

Words of Warning

Finally, a few words of warning. Urethral stimulation is fun and rewarding, but it should be approached with care and consideration. You need patience for this. This is not something you can do with force, and it’s not something you can do without preparation. Keep this in mind before you attempt any form of urethral play.

Some specific things to keep in mind:

  • Use specialized toys. Never, ever use random objects for urethral play. It may seem easier to grab the first thing you can fit inside your penis, but it’s a bad way to go. Random household objects or even toys not specially made for urethral play are a bad choice. You need a specialized toy that is made with urethral play in mind. These toys are designed to be used safely and they will not damage your urethra or cause other problems. In order to stay safe, stick to these toys.
  • Use beginner toys. There are many different urethral toys on the market. Some of them are made for medical play and fetish enthusiast, but others can be used in many different settings. What you need to pay attention to, however, is the size and design of a toy. If you are beginner, stay away from big, thick urethral toys. Opt for special beginner or trainer toys at first. Remember, the goal is to train and stretch your urethra before you can move on to the larger things! Never skip this step – this is crucial to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Penis plugs or urethral sounds? Generally, it all depends on your preferences and the type of sensation you wish to experience. That being said, urethral sounds tend to be bigger and longer than penis plugs. They are made for deep urethral penetration. It’s therefore best to start with small penis plugs and build your way from there. However, there are also special beginner urethral sounds you may want to try, though they are recommended for those who are already familiar with urethral stimulation (at least a little) and who already have their urethra trained at least a bit.
  • Be patient. As usual, it’s important to listen to your body and go slowly. Also, don’t forget lube – urethral stimulation requires a lot of lube. It is vital to make the experience as comfortable and smooth as possible. This is the only way to ensure a pleasurable urethral stimulation.
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12 thoughts on “Train Your Body for Urethral Stimulation

  1. I have a question. How often or how long should it take to the urethra to stretch and when should I move to the next step? Weeks? Months???

  2. John,

    It is highly individual. It is important to allow your body to rest between sessions, but only YOU can tell when it’s ready to move on. Your body will tell you – if you notice discomfort, soreness, overall tightness, etc. – these are clear signs that you should stop.

    Some men need only a few sessions, while others need more. Keep in mind that doctors use urethral instruments during examinations and they insert them without any special urethral stretching beforehand. However, there is a lot of difference between that and urethral stimulation – while you may shove an toy down your urethra, the goal is to be pleasurable and arousing, so it takes time for your body to accommodate to the feeling. Also, you will need to learn how to do it properly (and safely). This is yet another thing that takes time, so patience is the key.

    All in all, it depends on your body, toys used, your patience, etc. Generally speaking, you should expect to take some time to get it right, but most people do not need to stretch their urethra for years. It will probably take a few months but you should be able to enjoy the experience even before you are able to take larger toys.

  3. I have a very small penis, and I really enjoy urethral play. Unfortunately I find it difficult to find plugs small enough for me. I had been playing with a set of Pratt sounds, but recently found a beginners’ plug with a 6mm diameter. The first time with it was just a little tight, and since then it’s been perfect. I’ve been doing urethral stimulation (though not to my full satisfaction) for 3 years, and only now am I thinking about stretching to a larger size. There are obvious limits to how large I can go (I certainly will never make it to 16mm+), but if I can get to 10mm, I would be quite pleased.

    I’ve got another plug that tapers up to 8mm, but whenever I try to use it, I can never get it all the way in. Larger things were in there when I had a bladder ultrasound a couple months ago, but it’s not going now. If I try it every other day (with a day between to “rest”), will I get the full thing in without much trouble?

  4. I’ve been playing with sounds for a few years. I’ve taken my time and enjoyed it quite a bit. Recently I’ve gotten the desire to try stretching to some of the larger sizes. I have two sets, one straight and the other double sided with a j curve. I gotten where I can take a 25 quite easily but using the double sided sounds (25/27) it feel like I’ve hit a wall. Its causing a type of painful pinching sensation at the head when I get to the half way point where it transitions sizes. I feel like pushing past this pain would be a bad idea, I’ve had no problems up to this point and would hate to tear something now. Should I look at different sounds to help this transition? It does skip 26 after all. Currently I’m committed to taking my time and hoping I can work my way slowly past this but would love some advice on sounds designed for stretching.

  5. You are right to take your time because a tear causes slight scar tissue which inhibits flexibility. Do a nice lengthy session and you might find your urethra more receptive to larger. You can also do small incremental increases using a few wraps of teflon tape on the sound.

  6. Yes, practice makes perfect. I work out every 2 days for about 1 to 2 hours by Hegar dilator. Of course, a Pain Relief gel is helpful for a diameter increase. I use Xylocaine gel 2%. Then of course you have to be careful that you do not increase too fast, because you can hurt yourself otherwise, because you feel less pain. So slowly increase the diameter. The only way I can take the next leap 0.5 mm in 2-3 months. Meanwhile, I’m at 18 mm, I started at 6 mm diameter. A 11,5 mm diameter and 19 cm long Hegar dilator I get past the prostate. Very pleasant feeling, then I can masturbate just fine. There are in the urethra into the bladder on the way three constrictions. The first is the lack of space which is located on the gloss side at the level of the frenulum approach. The second bottleneck is at the entrance prostate and prostate. The third bottleneck is the bubble entrance.

  7. Great description of the process. I am at 13 mm and not very successful at increasing more..

  8. I’m a real beginner. Are there any diagrammes to show me what the process is.

  9. Im female
    Been sounding gor a couple of
    Can get 14mm and my pinky finger
    Its awesome feeling

  10. I have been playing with sounds long time ago. Also I like catheter play. It is amazing. So much enjoy and pleasure specially while passing through the prostate.

  11. Dear Melina,

    Great info, still I have this question:

    I understand that training with special toys comes first and the use of sounds. But the various training tools never reach the prostate, or deeper parts of the urethra, right?

    So how can I train (stretch) the deeper parts (prostate-part) of my urethra?

    Hope te hear from you,


  12. i have been playing with sounding for a few months now and have just started on 33/35 pratt sounding. The feeling as it slowly works its way in is awesome and can’t seem to get enough. The 33 side of the sound is easier now, but can’t wait until i get all the way through the 35. The set i bought goes up to 41/43 which seems impossible, but i have made it this far in a short time. From everything i have read and found that slow and steady is the way to go. I just find it hard not to do it everyday and think i have become addicted to the feeling. These tools have taken masturbation to a whole new level for me

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