Top 5 Reasons to Choose Popular Piercings

Navel piercingThere are some very popular piercing types that many people choose for themselves. Piercings such as earlobe, navel, eyebrow, tongue, nostril or labret piercings are among the most common body piercings in the world.

Since they are so popular, it means that there are always many people who have the same piercing. It may make these piercings more ordinary and less unique than some other piercing types.

However, common piercings have some important advantages so there are many reasons to choose popular piercings for yourself.

Here are some of the most important reasons to choose popular piercings:

  1. Experienced Piercers

If a piercing is popular, then it means there are many piercers who know how to perform it and who have at least some experience with this piercing type. Remember, you should not look for a generally experienced piercer. What you should be looking for is a piercer who is experienced in the type of piercing you wish to get. With common and popular piercings this is easy: most piercers know how to perform them. Since these piercings are so popular there are always people requesting them so piercers get practice performing these piercings. While you should never assume that a piercer is experienced (you need to ask and research a piercing studio in question) there is a greater chance that a piercer will be knowledgeable about a popular piercing than a rare, unusual piercing.

  1. Popular Piercings are Well-Tested

Popular piercing are very common, which means that they are well-tested. What does it mean? It means that it is known how they behave and if there are any risks you need to be aware of. Popular piercings are those done on the body parts that are known to be able to accommodate piercings without a problem. With new or unusual piercing there is always a risk that the area will not be suitable for the piercing or that it might lead to infections and other problems. You don’t have those issues with popular piercings. They are popular in part because they are reliable and well-tested. This makes them a better choice for those who wish to go worry-free with their piercing.

  1. Many Jewelry Choices

Popular piercings come with many different jewelry choices so you can pick the ones you like the best. Since these piercings are so popular, there are many jewelry types made specially for these piercings so you will never run out of jewelry choices. When you have a popular piercing you are not limited to one or two jewelry choices. Similarly, you are not forced to wear jewelry that is originally made for a different piercing type. It means that you will always be able to get the best and most comfortable jewelry type for your piercing. Not to mention that you will always have plenty of jewelry pieces and types to choose from. This is great if you wish to build your own style and to match your jewelry with your clothes. Choose plain, simple jewelry types for everyday situations or for sports. Go with a bigger, richly ornamented jewelry for special occasions. With so many great jewelry choices you will always be able to wear just the type of jewelry you like the best.

  1. Better Comfort

Common piercings are popular for a reason. They are performed on body parts and areas that are comfortable and easy to handle. While there are many different body parts that can be pierced, not all of them work the same way. Some areas are much better for accommodating piercings than the others. Certain body parts and piercing types are prone to infections and other problems. Popular piercing types, on the other hand, are typically comfortable and can accommodate piercing and jewelry with ease. This is why popular piercings generally offer a better comfort than the experimental, unusual or rare piercing types.

  1. A Safer Option

Popular piercings are well-tested (see above) and very common, which makes them a safer option when something goes wrong. Since they are so popular and well-known, piercers as well as medical providers know how to handle them and how to keep you safe. Piercers will be able to give you better advice about healing and aftercare. Doctors will know how to help you and keep you safe if something goes wrong with your piercing. Infections and other problems are a risk factor for all piercings but the advantage of popular piercings is that the risks and the ways infections progress are better known than for the rare piercings. All these things make popular piercings a safer option when something goes wrong.

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