Top 5 Questions about Butt Plugs

questions about butt plugsButt plugs are among the most popular sex toys, and for a reason. They are great for sensual and intense anal stimulation. Both men and women use butt plugs to achieve new levels of pleasure.

With so many different models, designs and shapes, butt plugs can satisfy all of your needs. They are ideal toys for those who want to enjoy some nice anal massage and stimulation.

Quick Answers to Common Questions about Butt Plugs

Some butt plugs are ideal for beginners who are only starting to experiment with anal stimulation. Others are more intense and perfect for users with plenty of experience. There are also those butt plugs that are great for long-term wear. Some butt plugs come with gems so they are extra gorgeous and attractive. There are anal plugs made of silicone, rubber, metal, glass and other materials. This is a very diverse group of toys that should satisfy you fully.

With such a great variety it is understandable that it is a bit difficult to choose the right butt plug for your needs. This is particularly true for beginners who are only starting to experiment with anal stimulation.

Here are the top 5 questions about butt plugs (with swift answers):

  1. How to Start Using Butt Plugs?

It is very easy to start using butt plugs. All you need is a nice butt plug designed for beginners, some lube and patience. A butt plug or any other toy may feel intimidating if this is your first time inserting something into your anus. This is why you might want to practice a bit with a finger. Start with shorter and thinner butt plugs and make sure to use plenty of lube! Butt plugs with a tapered tip ensure easy insertion so they are ideal for beginners.

Don’t be scared of butt plugs: while there are some super-extreme ones, there are also many gentle butt plugs ideal for beginners. Chances are that you will find out that using butt plugs is very easy. However, don’t be discouraged if you find it a bit difficult in the beginning. Just use plenty of lube, go slowly and results will be there! Keep in mind that you need to use only proper butt plugs with a flared base for this: you need to stay safe during all types of anal play. This is why it is crucial to use only proper anal toys and not random ones. With the right beginners’ toy it is very easy to start experimenting with anal plugs to great satisfaction. 

  1. What is the Best Butt Plug Size for Me?

The best butt plug size will depend on your experience level, your preferences and some other factors (such as your anatomy and comfort level). If you are only starting out, it is highly recommended to go for shorter, smaller butt plugs with a tapered tip. These butt plugs are easy to insert and they tend to be gentle. These small butt plugs are not overwhelming or too demanding so they are ideal for beginners.

If you already have some experience with anal play you may try larger or thicker butt plugs. However, make sure to go slowly to ensure safety. You should never injure your anus or any other body part while using a sex toy!

Users with the most experience can choose between a wide range of large, massive butt plugs with various textures. However, keep in mind that these demanding anal plugs are good only for users with plenty of experience. You need to build your way up to that point.

  1. Are Butt Plugs Painful and Uncomfortable?

questions about butt plugsButt plugs should not be painful or uncomfortable if you use them properly. On the contrary: these toys should feel good and provide arousing sensations. While there are some people with extra sensitive anal area, most people find certain levels of anal stimulation very arousing and pleasurable. Butt plugs are there to massage these particular spots so they give pleasure and not discomfort.

However, you might need some adjustment and getting used to sensations before butt plugs start to feel good. If you are a beginner, take this into account before you rule butt plugs out. Beginner might find butt plugs somewhat “strange” or a bit uncomfortable at moments but this should not be overwhelming and should not be painful. The best way to make things more comfortable is to use plenty of lube. Also, beginners should use only smooth butt plugs because they are more comfortable for the anus. 

  1. Should I use Flexible or Rigid Butt Plugs?

This will depend on your personal preferences. Generally speaking, flexible butt plugs are gentler while rigid ones (such as metal butt plugs) are more intense. Both can provide great sensations though the feelings are slightly different.

Many beginners assume that only soft and flexible butt plugs are good for them. However, there is no reason not to use a metal butt plug if you wish so. Metal butt plugs are rigid and sturdy but they are also super-smooth so they are surprisingly comfortable. Just make sure to use plenty of lube and to go slowly so you don’t hurt yourself.

  1. How to Masturbate with a Butt Plug Inside?

This will highly depend on your preferences and things you find arousing. Some people simply insert a butt plug and then proceed to stimulate their genitalia (penis, vagina, testicles or clitoris). Others prefer to manipulate the butt plug during use. You may choose any of these methods just keep in mind that it might take some time until you find what works best for you and what makes you the most aroused.

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