Top 5 New Body Piercing Trends

Body piercings are popular among many different groups of people. Even those who don’t live the so-called “alternative” lifestyle can be fans of piercings. People of all ages are into piercings so it is not surprising that these body modifications are gaining in popularity. However, not all piercings are equally popular. These days, there are some new body piercing trends that are popular. If you want to stay in touch with current piercing fashion, it is important to know about these trends.

New Body Piercing Trends

One interesting thing about new body piercing trends of today is that there are not many new piercing types that are popular. Instead, there is a comeback of certain “classic” piercings or well-known piercings with new jewelry types. This is great to know because it may mean that you old piercing is “in” again!

Here are the top 5 new piercing trends you should know about:

  1. Asymmetrical Group Piercings

Asymmetrical group piercings are among the most popular new body piercings trends. Group piercings in general are gaining in popularity but asymmetrical designs are super trendy these days.

This is particularly true for ear cartilage piercings, because there are so many spots to pierce on the ear and so many ways to arrange the piercings. Keep this in mind if you want to get new ear piercings.

However, asymmetrical group designs are popular with other piercings, too. Lip piercings and even nostril piercings are another popular choice for group piercings. Arrange them in asymmetrical design to achieve a very striking effect and attract the best kind of attention.

Recommended jewelry: 14K Gold Prong Set Labret, 14K Gem Set Princess Cut Labret with Titanium Pad, 14K Gem Set Heart Labret, 14K Gold Heart Outline Nostril Piece, Surgical Steel Low Profile Gem Nostril Screw.

  1. Navel is Making a Comeback

New Body Piercing TrendsNavel piercings are among the most popular piercings in the world. It is not possible to say that they were ever “old fashioned”. However, there was a certain loss of popularity in the previous years when it comes to regular navel piercings.

If you are a fan of belly button piercings it is good to know that these are making a comeback. Navel piercings are getting more and more popular once again so they are very fashionable to have. If you ever wanted to have a trendy piercing that is also socially acceptable, this is a great chance to get a nice navel piercing.

New body piercing trends dictate that navel jewelry is slender and elegant. Instead of bulky and overly rich belly button pieces opt for elegant and stylish curved barbells and rings. Less ornamentation is a plus and a more trendy jewelry choice for your navel piercing.

Recommended jewelry: 14K Gold – Genuine Diamond Fixed Bezel Ring, 14K Gold – Trillion Ring, 14K Gold – 6 Stone – Ring, 14K Gold – Gem Ball Ring, 14K Gold – Captive Bead Ring, 14K Single Gem Curved Barbell, 14k Gold Double Gem Curved Barbell, Gem Set Side Curved Barbell.

  1. Pay Attention to Daith, Tragus, Forward Helix and Rook

Ear cartilage piercings are generally very popular. However, some of these are gaining the momentum and make new body piercing trends. If you are into ear piercings, this is a great way to be extra fashionable with your new ear cartilage piercings.

The most popular ear cartilage piercings at the moment are daith and tragus piercings. These are relatively rare so it is very effective to have one. Just make sure to pick appropriate jewelry for these piercings. Keep in mind that these piercings are located on small areas so jewelry needs to be discreet, small and preferably lightweight.

Other trendy options for ear cartilage piercings are rook and forward helix piercings. These are also not very common so they make a very effective choice. Again, make sure to choose the best jewelry that will enhance your ear cartilage piercings.

Recommended jewelry: 14K Gold – Captive Rings with Specialty Beads, 14K Gold – Bezel Set Ring, 14k Gold Double Bezel Set Straight Barbell, 14K Gem Set Bezel Labret, 14K Gold Prong Set Labret.

  1. Stretched Piercings Other than the Lobe

Stretched lobe piercings are a big favorite among many piercing enthusiasts. While they are not losing on the popularity it is important to know about another emerging piercing trend: stretching other types of piercings.

While earlobe piercing is relatively easy to stretch, there are many other piercings you can stretch to larger gauges. Not all piercings are easy to stretch but there are so many that you can stretch to incredibly large gauges. More and more people are into stretching piercings other than the earlobes so this is one of the new body piercing trends you might want to follow.

You can even wear large gauge jewelry typically designed for stretched lobe piercings in these new piercings. You can use regular large gauge pieces or ear plugs and flesh tunnels.

Recommended jewelry: 14k Gold Solid Gold Gauge Plug, Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnel, Titanium Flesh Tunnel, Surgical Steel Flared Earlet, Double Flared Earlet, Surgical Steel Circular Barbell, Trojan Rubber Ball & Socket Easy Ring, Monster Screwball Ring. 

  1. Septum Piercings are In

It may seem too simple, but septum piercings are gaining in popularity. These piercings are very popular already but it is important to note that they are really “in” these days. Even those who don’t like rarer piercings are opting for septum these days. Sometimes people who were typically into nostril piercings are starting to choose septum piercings because they are more effective and noticeable.

A current trend for septum jewelry is elegant yet attractive circular barbells and Captive Bead Rings. Those who like bold and massive jewelry can keep it to great effect. The good news for those who prefer more slender and elegant jewelry is that such pieces are a popular choice for septum piercings these days. If you already have a septum piercing you may wish to make it trendier by choosing a super-elegant jewelry piece.

Recommended jewelry: 14k Double Gem Side Set Circular Barbell, Double Gem Side Set Circular Barbell, Surgical Steel Captive Bead Ring, Ultra Premium Titanium Captive Bead Ring.

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