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Urethral Dilator SetThose who like to enjoy urethral play often wonder about the newest and most exciting toys they can use. Individual urethral toys are great but there are many advantages that a good kit can provide. An excellent urethral dilator set is a tool we use. Tools of the Trade Urethral Dilator Set contains everything you need for a safe and enjoyable experience. It contains six amazing dilator heads ideal for different sensations. This kit contains 6 toys in one. This is an excellent urethral dilator set that can fulfill all of your deepest desires. This is an ideal toy for those who easily get bored of one toy and are always looking for something new.

What is So Special about This Urethral Dilator Set?

Tools of the Trade Urethral Dilator Set is more than just a collection of urethral toys.

This excellent kit contains 6 different heads you can use for intense sensations. The toy includes a special rod that is 10 ½ inches long so it can go very deep. The rod has a handle on one end and a threaded post on the other. The rod and handle are made of high-quality 316LVM Surgical Steel. This is a premium material and is safe for the body so you know that this toy provides the best. This is a safe choice for those who wish to practice urethral stimulation.

The best thing about this urethral dilator set are the heads. The kit contains 6 interchangeable solid heads you can easily attach to the threaded post. Each head is 3 ¼ inches long so the total length of the toy when you attach the head is 13 ½ inches. Out of this, total length that you can insert is about 9 ½ inches! It means that this toy can go very deep so it is ideal for users with some experience. This is not a toy for beginners – it is a set of medical dilators ideal for those who want the intense experience.

The heads are also made of high-quality 316LVM Surgical Steel and each has a special texture and design ideal for different sensations. The heads taper from 6mm to about 16mm in diameter so it can provide many different sensations.

Six Different Toy Designs

The best thing about this urethral dilator set is that it basically gives you 6 toys in one.

There are six different head designs in this urethral dilator set:

  • This is the smoothest head in the kit. It is ideal for those looking for a gentle and smooth experience. This head gently tapers from the smallest to the largest diameter. You can slowly build the anticipation by inserting the thinner end and work your way up from there. This head is ideal for gradual stretching and building the anticipation.
  • Gentle beads. This head has a relatively gentle texture. It includes 6 oval, smooth beads. The beads are spherical and go smoothly one into each other. This way, the head provides gentle yet intense experience. It is ideal for those situations when you want some rubbing against your urethral walls but not too extreme. This is one of the gentler heads in the kit.

  • Gentle ribs. This head contains 11 gentle ribs that can rub nicely against the urethral walls. The sensation is very pleasurable. The ribs are not very high or pronounced so they are ideal for those who prefer toys without big bumps. At the same time, the ribs have strong edges that can provide intense sensations.

  • Strong beads. This is a head ideal for those who like penis plugs with a pronounced texture. The head contains 9 spherical bulbs on the surface. The bulbs are smooth and round. They go from small ones to the very big beads. You can insert them all or go one by one.

  • This head has 5 conical waves ideal for intense sensations. The waves are conical in shape so they make separate segments. Each segment has its own width so you can go one by one or insert them all for a fully intense experience.
  • This is the most extreme of all heads in this urethral dilator set. It contains numerous thin ribs so it resembles a screw. This is a very strong texture ideal for those who like extreme sensations. This head can provide very intense experience so make sure to use it with plenty of lube.

One Thing to Remember

This is an excellent urethral dilator set ideal for many different sensations. It is like having your favorite penis plug, only in six different versions! A great thing about this urethral dilator set is that it is more than a simple collection of urethral stretchers. These dilators are proper penis sounds and you can use them for real urethral play.

There is one thing to remember about this urethral dilator set. Since the total length of the toy is over 10 inches long, it is not good for beginners so it is ideal for users with more experience. Since there are so many different heads you can select just the one that will be ideal for your experience. You can use this kit in many different ways and to achieve many pleasurable sensations.

Happy sounding!

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